Chapter 77
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"Hello. I've already heard about your situation from my mother. You plan on staying at my place for some time, right?"

"Mhm. I might have to trouble you for the foreseeable future."

"It's fine. What time will you arrive tomorrow?" Jun Zishu asked. She had initially planned to ask if Yun Zizhou wanted her to go fetch her. However, when she thought that she might not have time to leave work, she decided to ask for the other party's time of arrival first.

"I'll be arriving at the airport at eleven in the morning."

"I don't think I can go and pick you up because of my unstable work schedule. I'll send you my address first. If I happen to be busy, I'll have to trouble you to take a cab to my place. I'll also leave the key inside the flower pot by the door, so you can just use it to open the door. I'll also tidy up a guest room for you tomorrow," Jun Zishu said, explaining everything in one go. She wasn't sure if she would be busy tomorrow. If she had to enter the operation room tomorrow, she wouldn't have time to answer Yun Zizhou's calls.

"Mhm… Okay. Is it alright for you to be so trusting of me, though?"

"You are my mother's goddaughter, so why wouldn't I trust you? Do you have a lot of luggage? Can you handle everything by yourself? I can ask a friend to pick you up if you can't."

Jiang Wentong was a considerate person, which was why she was so skilled at flirting. Thus, Jun Zishu also had to behave thoughtfully when dealing with other people.

"It's fine. I'm not bringing a lot, so I can manage by myself," Yun Zizhou said with a small chuckle.

"I won't be returning home for lunch tomorrow, so we can only meet in the evening."


The call ended here. Despite not having met this little sister of hers, Jun Zishu already felt a little fond of the other party. She had a hunch that the other party should be a girl that gave off a comfortable feeling.

There were bound to be people in this world who possessed things that others couldn't obtain no matter what. An example of this would be a person's voice.

When listening to Yun Zizhou's voice, Jun Zishu felt as if she were standing in the middle of a tranquil bamboo forest. The girl's voice was clean and exuded a calming effect. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the girl's throat was kissed by an angel.

Jun Zishu closed her book and returned it to the bookshelf. Although it still wasn't very late into the night, Jiang Wentong had a habit of never staying up late during workdays.

Even if Jiang Wentong was a scumbag, she had an excellent work ethic. At the very least, she knew to maintain her mind and body in top condition so that she could act responsibly with every one of her patients. Moreover, she would never lay her hands on her patients.

As the lights went off, another day passed by for Jun Zishu.

It was the 7th of February when Jun Zishu woke up, one day closer to Valentine's Day.

Jun Zishu's situation today was mostly similar to yesterday. She was greeted by a bunch of WeChat messages as soon as she checked her phone. Apart from her official partners, she also received messages from several people she maintained ambiguous relationships with.

Jun Zishu ignored the messages from the non-official partners without hesitation.

No.2: Will you be busy around this time? It's been a long time since we met.

Jiang Wentong: Mhm. Let's meet when the opportunity arises.

As soon as Jun Zishu replied to this message, she received a video call request.

After hesitating for a moment, Jun Zishu eventually chose to accept the call.

Partner No.2 shared a long-distance relationship with Jiang Wentong. Jiang Wentong wasn't so crazy as to have all five of her dating partners be in one city. Although a city was a large place, fate could sometimes be a fickle mistress. There was no saying when her dating partners would meet out of coincidence. Thus, the relationship Jiang Wentong shared with Partners No.2 and No.3 was a long-distance relationship.

Jiang Wentong had hooked up with No.2 when she had left the city to participate in an academic exchange meeting. Then, she hooked up with No.3 when she was invited to give a lecture in another city.

Three cities, five partners. It was simply stimulating.

The woman who appeared on Jun Zishu's phone gave off a cool feeling. Though, there were also dark circles under the woman's eyes.

"Why are you up so early? Did you not have work yesterday?"

Jun Zishu made her way to the bathroom while holding onto the phone. Then, she set the phone by the sink and turned on the faucet.

Yu Biling looked at Jun Zishu's face on her phone with longing eyes.

She wouldn't often disturb this person, even if this person was her girlfriend. This was because the nature of their respective jobs made it so that they had completely opposite rest and work schedules.

Whenever she was busy, this person would be resting. Whenever she was resting, this person would be busy. Moreover, as they had a long-distance relationship, they couldn't be together every day.

Yu Biling would sigh whenever she thought about their strange relationship. However, during these moments, so long as she thought about her beautiful girlfriend, sweet feelings would instantly fill her heart.

"I did, but when I thought about how we haven't had a video call recently, I decided to wake up early. I want to see you. I miss you," Yu Biling said, her voice conveying a hint of laughter and laziness. Her slightly hoarse voice also sounded sexy and seductive.

It was precisely because of Yu Biling's voice that Jiang Wentong had decided to flirt with her in the first place.


Jun Zishu hummed a reply as she began brushing her teeth.

Yu Biling stopped speaking, focusing only on the sounds Jun Zishu made.

Fifteen minutes after Jun Zishu brushed her teeth and applied a facial mask, she grabbed her phone and shuffled her way back to her bedroom. Then, after changing into casual sportswear, she made her way to the living room and jogged on the treadmill.

Meanwhile, Yu Biling laid on her bed as she watched the energetic image displayed on her phone. She couldn't help but gulp when she saw Jun Zishu's exercising posture and the sweat rolling down Jun Zishu's face.

Yu Biling had to admit that her girlfriend's body was magnificent. Despite looking soft and thin, her girlfriend was packed under her clothes.

Twenty minutes later, the image displayed changed from Jun Zishu's running figure to the kitchen wall. Yu Biling quite liked this experience. It made her feel as if she was very close to her lover.

Jun Zishu decided to cook herself some dumplings for breakfast today. While doing so, she hesitated several times whether she should initiate a conversation with Yu Biling.

Jun Zishu still didn't know how she should mention breaking up with Yu Biling. If she said that she had someone else she liked, she had a feeling that Yu Biling would instantly cross the several hundred kilometers separating them to chop her up.

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Today was still another day of headaches for Jun Zishu.

"Have you fallen asleep yet?" Jun Zishu asked as she set down the pan of dumplings and covered it with a lid.

"Not yet."

"What present do you want for Valentine's Day?"

"Aren't there still five days left?" Yu Biling asked as she switched to another lying posture on the bed.

"I wanted to ask what kind of present you want ahead of time."

"Didn't you joke about me being unromantic yesterday? Aren't you the same?" Yu Biling chuckled.

"I can't accompany you for Valentine's Day. It'd be terrible if I got you a gift you didn't like on top of that. How about switching to a better guitar?" Jun Zishu asked as she removed the pan's lid and flipped the plump dumplings with a spatula.

Jun Zishu didn't wish to give Yu Biling a romantic surprise. After all, she was trying to break up with Yu Biling, not make Yu Biling like her even more.

"I'll like whatever you give me," Yu Biling said, joy coloring her face.

"Does that mean you don't want a guitar?" Jun Zishu asked as she turned off the hob, grabbed a clean bowl, and scooped the cooked dumplings into it. Then, she walked out of the kitchen without taking her phone, making it seem as if she was angry.

Seeing this, Yu Biling hurriedly said, "No, no. A guitar is good."


Jun Zishu returned to the kitchen and took her phone with her. Then, she set it on the table before she began digging into her meal.

Jiang Wentong would always hold the initiative when in front of her boyfriends and girlfriends. Moreover, every one of her partners was afraid of seeing her getting angry. Jun Zishu had to admit that Jiang Wentong was quite capable of handling her partners.

The dumplings Jun Zishu cooked were prawn dumplings, their taste matching Jun Zishu's taste buds perfectly.

When Yu Biling watched how Jun Zishu enjoyed those dumplings, she started feeling a little hungry. Unfortunately, as her hunger failed to win against her sleepiness, she couldn't be bothered to climb out of her bed.

"If you buy me a guitar, I'll play it every day."

"On second thought, nevermind. You must've developed some feelings for your guitar after using it for so long. How about chocolate? I remember that you like chocolate very much," Jun Zishu said. She suddenly remembered that it wouldn't be appropriate for her to give lasting gifts. If she gave Yu Biling a guitar and they broke up in the future, the guitar would become a constant reminder to Yu Biling of her existence. That'd only serve to further increase Yu Biling's hatred toward her.

Thus, chocolate was a much better option. There'd be nothing left once Yu Biling finished the chocolate.


Although Yu Biling regretted her words and would've preferred that Jun Zishu gave her something she could keep by her side every day, since Jun Zishu had already suggested a different gift, she wouldn't reject it, either. It didn't matter what Jun Zishu gave her. She would like everything her lover gave her.

After breakfast, Jun Zishu said goodbye to Yu Biling.

"I'm heading to work, so go back to sleep."

"Mhm, okay."

After disconnecting the call, Jun Zishu made her way to the bathroom, took a shower, and put on some makeup. Once she was all set, she left her house and made her way to the hospital.

As soon as Jun Zishu arrived at the hospital, she immediately devoted herself to work.

It was a busy morning today, so Jun Zishu didn't have any time to relax the entire morning. Moreover, after taking some time out for a quick lunch, she promptly returned to work.

Upon experiencing the job of a doctor, Jun Zishu couldn't help but recognize the greatness of doctors. Studying to become a doctor and working as a doctor were both incredibly challenging tasks.

Because of how busy Jun Zishu was, she naturally didn't have time to look at her phone.

Jun Zishu's busy work schedule continued until eight in the evening. By the time she changed out of her surgical clothes, she was already dead tired. All she wanted to do now was head home and read a book to relax.

Jiang Wentong's method of getting rid of her stress and exhaustion was to vent them out on other people. Thus, her spirit remained strong even when dating five people simultaneously.

However, Jun Zishu was different. All she wanted to do was read books.

While taking the elevator down to the car park, Jun Zishu checked her phone and saw four missed calls. The missed calls were from Partner No.3, Partner No.4 Wei Jiangen, Partner No.5 Pan Yingying, and her godsister Yun Zizhou.

Jun Zishu naturally did not hesitate to return Yun Zizhou's call.

"Big Sister Wentong? Are you off work now?"

When the cleansing voice came through the phone, Jun Zishu felt as if she was being healed, the exhaustion in her mind vanishing without a trace.

"Mhm. Are you at home now?"

"Yes. I see a guest room. Is that for me?"

"Ah, yes, but I haven't tidied it up yet."

"I took care of it this afternoon. I also cleaned the house while I was at it."

"You didn't have to trouble yourself like that."

Jun Zishu felt a little embarrassed. Her guest had just arrived at her house, yet she was already having the other party help her clean.

"It's fine. You don't need to be polite with me, Big Sister Wentong. By the way, have you had dinner yet?"