Chapter 75
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The air in the room turned deathly silent as Pan Yingying stood up and held Jun Zishu's hand.

"What do you mean, Big Sister... What's wrong..."

A forced smile appeared on Pan Yingying's face, her originally rosy complexion turning pale.

"I mean it literally," Jun Zishu said as she casually pushed Pan Yingying's hands away. Then, she picked up a napkin from the table and gently wiped Pan Yingying's tears. "Why are you crying? In the first place, didn't you ask me out to verify your sexual orientation? Now that you've found your answer, it's time we break up."

Jun Zishu's expression remained gentle throughout the entire process. Even the way she wiped Pan Yingying's tears looked as if she was treating the girl like a precious gem. Yet, the words that came out of Jun Zishu's mouth were incredibly ruthless.

"No! I don't want to! I don't want to break up with you, Big Sister Wentong! Can't you just tell me if I did something wrong? I can change! I can change, okay?" Pan Yingying pleaded as she hugged Jun Zishu's waist, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"We should've never gotten together in the first place, Yingying," Jun Zishu calmly stated. The gaze she used to look at Pan Yingying was as if she was looking at an ignorant child throwing a tantrum.

"But we did end up together," Pan Yingying said. She adamantly refused to believe that her beloved had invited her out tonight to break up with her. "Where did I do wrong?"

With tears flowing from her eyes, Pan Yingying tried to kiss Jun Zishu. However, Jun Zishu moved aside and evaded Pan Yingying's lips. Then, Jun Zishu tried to remove the arms wrapped around her waist, only to fail because Pan Yingying had used an incredible amount of force to hold onto her waist.

Not wanting to use force against the girl, Jun Zishu said, "Let go, Yingying."

"I won't! Don't break up with me, okay, Big Sister Wentong?"

Pan Yingying looked at the woman before her with teary eyes. Pan Yingying found that the woman's appearance was still her favorite, even if this woman looked passionate on the surface but was ruthless in reality.

Pan Yingying had envied Wei Jiangen. On what basis did he deserve the love of such a wonderful woman? Pan Yingying loved Jiang Wentong. She had loved this person since she first met her. Jiang Wentong's beautiful and gentle appearance were simply mesmerizing.

"I'll say it again: let go."

Impatience appeared on Jun Zishu's face. At this point, even her smile had vanished.

However, Pan Yingying bit her lip and refused to let go as she looked at Jun Zishu with a pitiful gaze. Pan Yingying had always been afraid of seeing the woman before her get angry. Whenever the woman before her was upset, she would find herself filled with worry and annoyance.

"Don't contact me anymore and just enjoy this last meal, okay?"

"If you want to dump me, at least give me a reason."

"A reason?"

Jun Zishu raised an eyebrow and placed a hand on her face. Then, she revealed a coy smile at Pan Yingying, the mole at the corner of her eye seemingly teasing Pan Yingying.

Pan Yingying was stunned by this smile. Her eyes had even forgotten to shed tears as they stared at Jun Zishu in a daze, feelings of obsession appearing within them.

"We don't need a reason to break up," Jun Zishu calmly stated.

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However, Pan Yingying remained staring at Jun Zishu with a blank look, her eyes having turned red from all the tears she had shed.

"It was a mistake for us to be together in the first place."

"A mistake?"

Pan Yingying sniffled, her whole body trembling uncontrollably. Only now was this woman telling her that their relationship was a mistake? That it was a mistake for them to meet and fall in love?

Jun Zishu started getting a headache because of this situation. She couldn't understand why Pan Yingying was so obsessed with Jiang Wentong. What was so good about a scumbag like her? Why did so many people like this scumbag?

"I don't think it is a mistake," Pan Yingying said as she wiped her tears. "I don't wish to give up like this. I want to continue being with you, Big Sister Wentong, regardless of my status."

Your worldview is a little crooked, little girl. Jun Zishu mentally sighed. "But I don't want you anymore."

A hint of annoyance appeared in Jun Zishu's eyes. Looking at Pan Yingying's sullen expression, Jun Zishu felt that the girl might draw a knife and stab her the next moment.

"Aren't you afraid I'll tell this matter to Wei Jiangen?"

"Feel free to do so if you want," Jun Zishu nonchalantly said. She was more than willing to let Pan Yingying go through with her threat. That way, she could break up with both of them simultaneously.

"I knew you wouldn't care, Big Sister Wentong. But I guess that's right. Even if Wei Jiangen knew that you were cheating on him, there's no way he could bear to break up with you," Pan Yingying said, letting out a few short laughs, her laughter giving Jun Zishu the chills. Then, Pan Yingying asked, "Have you ever liked him, Big Sister Wentong?"

"I did. Probably."

Jun Zishu didn't really wish to create an affectionate persona for herself in this mission. Her goal was to break up with her mission targets, in any case.

"Then…have you ever liked me before, Big Sister Wentong?"

Jun Zishu hesitated at this question. She had a feeling that something bad would happen regardless of how she answered.

"I understand."

When Pan Yingying saw Jun Zishu's hesitant expression, she instantly realized the answer. So, she spoke up before Jun Zishu could say anything.

"I like you very much, Big Sister Wentong. I like you very, very much," Pan Yingying said as she sorted out her clothes and looked at Jun Zishu with a sincere gaze.

However, Pan Yingying's fondness of Jiang Wentong was only limited to the latter's appearance. Otherwise, there was no way she wouldn't have noticed that someone else had taken over Jiang Wentong's body.

Jun Zishu paid no heed to Pan Yingying's words. However, Jun Zishu seriously suspected that the girl might have severe issues with her worldview. Moreover, the girl appeared to be exceptional when it came to controlling her emotions. The girl had been crying and begging Jun Zishu not to abandon her just a moment ago. Yet, a moment later, she showed extraordinary calmness with her behavior.

"You once said that you liked obedient people, so I behaved obediently for you. But I never thought you would grow tired of me so quickly."

"Yingying… You…"

"You have no idea how much I envy him. Whenever I hear him talking about you, I, too, want to proudly talk about my relationship with you to others. Sometimes, my jealousy would drive me so crazy that I start to have thoughts of making it so that he couldn't speak anymore."

Pan Yingying wore a strangely calm expression as she spoke. She also maintained her gaze on Jun Zishu, letting Jun Zishu know that she was serious.

"I would think of cutting off his tongue so that he can no longer say your name. I want to drive him out of your world. Why... Why wasn't I the one who met you first?"

Jun Zishu currently felt that her life was on the verge of danger. She felt that the little maniac in front of her might kill her at any time.

Immediately, Jun Zishu began calmly considering whether she could beat Pan Yingying in a fight.

Theoretically, it should be possible.

Suddenly, the ringing of a phone interrupted Pan Yingying's words.

Taking a look at her phone, Jun Zishu found that it was Partner No.4, Wei Jiangen, calling her.

Swiping a finger across the phone, Jun Zishu accepted the call.

"Are you off work?"

The energetic voice of a grown boy came from the phone.


"Have you eaten yet?"

"I was just about to start eating."

"Is something up?"

"My roommate's birthday is the day after tomorrow. He invited me and a few others out for a small dinner party. We can bring family members with us."

The meaning behind Wei Jiangen's words was obvious. After quickly thinking it through in her mind, Jun Zishu answered, "Give me a call when the time comes. I'll need to check my work schedule first."


The other party happily agreed to Jun Zishu's words.

"Continue with your meal, then. Goodbye, Wife."

Wei Jiangen lowered his voice a little when speaking the last two words, seemingly feeling embarrassed about it.


Jun Zishu put away her phone after ending the call. At this time, the waiter just so happened to have knocked on the door and brought the ordered food into the room.

When the waiter left, and the door was closed again, Pan Yingying continued to speak, saying, "You don't seem scared by me at all, Big Sister Wentong."

Pan Yingying originally thought that the woman before her would look at her in disgust after she had exposed such an ugly side of her. Yet, Jun Zishu did not.

Jun Zishu's expression remained calm the entire time. Though, Pan Yingying didn't know whether that was because Jun Zishu didn't mind her behavior, because Jun Zishu had always been calm, or because Jun Zishu treated her words as merely a joke.

"Can we not separate on good terms?" Jun Zishu asked.

Was Jun Zishu scared? Of course not.

Although Jun Zishu knew that Pan Yingying was likely to put her words into action, it should be known that Wei Jiangwen was also a yandere in secret.


Pan Yingying shook her head, the wobbling black ribbon on her chest giving her a playful look. However, her face remained expressionless as she firmly expressed her wishes.

"If you insist for me to give you a reason, I'll just tell you the truth, then," Jun Zishu said in a brisk and casual tone. As soon as she finished speaking, she noticed a subtle hint of hostility appearing in Pan Yingying's eyes. However, Jun Zishu simply ignored it and continued, "You are outdated goods to me."

Jun Zishu felt uncomfortable playing the role of a scumbag. It was especially true when the other party was a yandere. She had the feeling that she could get stabbed at any moment.

"I don't mind."

Pan Yingying felt as if she had gotten stabbed when she heard Jun Zishu's words, her hands clenching into tight fists. Even her voice sounded a little choked when she spoke.

Jun Zishu felt her head hurting even more when she heard Pan Yingying's response. Can you stop being with this miserable behavior, little girl? I already said that I don't want you, so why must you keep bothering me.

Jun Zishu frowned, an unhappy expression appearing on her face.

"Big Sister Wentong, I don't need any status. I only want to be by your side. Otherwise, I don't know what I will do. I'm afraid that I might lose my mind and kill the person you like. I really will...kill him," Pan Yingying said, her expression growing more and more excited as she spoke.

"Why must you harm yourself like this? Do you know how you are behaving right now?"

"But I like you!"

"Liking me is not a reason to hurt others."

"I don't care. I just want to be with you. I won't let go. If you must break up with me today, I'll go to your hospital to make trouble. I wonder what your colleagues will think of you when they realize that their famous doctor is not only a lesbian but is also a two-timing adulterer? Can you continue working there if that happens?"

"I can do the same if that's the case. What will others think of you when they discover that you had knowingly seduced your close friend's girlfriend? Tsk, are you she you want to do this, Yingying?"

Negotiations had broken down completely.

"Jiang Wentong! I really will kill Wei Jiangen if you break up with me!"

Pan Yingying gritted her teeth, her eyes full of seriousness.

"Do what you want. I'm planning to break up with him, anyway," Jun Zishu said indifferently, the word "scumbag" practically written on her face.