Chapter 74
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The pretty nurses in the hospital greeted Jun Zishu with sincere smiles on their faces.

Jiang Wentong was considerably popular in the hospital she worked at due to her high emotional intelligence. Moreover, she had never been stingy with gifts. Combined with the white coat she wore, she looked practically like an angel. Nobody could ever guess that Jiang Wentong was a scumbag in reality.

The male doctors in the surgery department greeted Jun Zishu warmly when she arrived in the office, to which Jun Zishu responded politely.

The hospital wasn't too busy today. After completing one operation, Jun Zishu had nothing to do for the rest of the morning.

While Jun Zishu was in the operation room, she had received many WeChat messages from her boyfriends and girlfriends. However, although she had read all of the messages, she did not reply to any of their messages. The others probably thought she was busy, so they didn't continue bothering her after failing to receive a reply for a while, and only one of them persisted--Partner No.5, the adulterer.

Tsk. These two actually make a good match for each other. The two of them being together would save others from misfortune.

Partner No.5's messages did not arrive continuously. Instead, they arrived in intervals.

Jiang Wentong was quite crude in giving nicknames to her partners. Apart from Partner No.1, everyone else was labeled using numbers in her contact list.

No.5: Big Sister~ Are you busy? >3<

No.5: I have so many classes today. QWQ

No.5: We haven't seen each other for so many days already. I miss you so much.

No.5: Why aren't you replying to my messages, Big Sister? Are you working?

No.5: I'll obediently wait for your reply, then. (≧▽≦)/

Jun Zishu subconsciously rapped a finger against her desk as she looked at her phone's screen.

Let's start with No.5, then. My relationship with her is the shortest, and our relationship is even a scandalous one. But this kid seems quite cunning. Moreover, she seems rather invested in our relationship.

After hovering her head above the virtual keyboard for a moment, Jun Zishu eventually chose not to reply to No.5's message. Instead, she went to read the others' messages for now.

Shi Yu: The photoshoot is over. I'll head back to accompany you right away.

This was Partner No.1. Because of his work and personality, he would often travel to other cities and countries. Jiang Wentong wasn't the type of person who could endure loneliness, so she eventually found herself a new partner after having enough of Shi Yu's absence. However, She had never broken up with Shi Yu, either, because Shi Yu treated her truly well.

When Shi Yu mentioned that he would be coming back to accompany her, he must be referring to Valentine's Day.

Jun Zishu frowned, finding this situation to be an annoyance.

After pondering for a moment, she typed a reply to Shi Yu.

Jiang Wentong: Okay. I'll be waiting for you.

Shi Yu: Will you be busy these next few days? I have a present to give you when I come back.

Jiang Wentong: When will you be coming back? Tell me ahead of time. Let's go outside on the 14th.

Shi Yu: Where do you want to go?

Jiang Wentong: How about waiting for me in C City instead? I'll go there and meet up with you.

Shi Yu: Okay. I can't wait to see you.

Jiang Wentong: Uh-huh. I'll head back to work, then.

Shi Yu: Go ahead.

Out of the five partners, Jun Zishu decided to spend Valentine's Day with Partner No.1. She could also use the opportunity to talk about breaking up.

Shi Yui was an adult. He was bound to have his own considerations, so it was unlikely he would cling to her like a child.

After replying to No.1, Jun Zishu planned to reply to No.2.

[Host, I can connect to the internet and notify you if anyone has sent you a new message at any time.]

Okay. I just arrived in this world, yet I'm already feeling tired. Just how powerful is the original owner's mind to be able to deal with so many partners without faltering in her act?

[Maybe it's because she doesn't have a conscience.]

No.2: Valentine's Day is coming soon. This will be the first one we spend together. Do you have any plans in mind? Is there any gift you want?

Jiang Wentong: You're as unromantic as always. Sorry, but I'm afraid we won't be able to spend this year's Valentine's Day together.

No.2: Why? Do you have something to do?

Jiang Wentong: Mhm, I have work scheduled on that day.

No.2: Can you really not let go of those things for me?

Jiang Wentong: No.

No.2: Alright, then. What a pity. Don't forget that you owe me one.

Jiang Wentong: Mhm.

That's another one solved, for the time being, Jun Zishu thought as she rubbed the edge of her phone.

No.2 was a girl with a relatively casual personality. Back when Jiang Wentong was dating only Shi Yu, she would often visit pubs for a drink whenever she was feeling bored and lonely. One day, she was attracted by No.2's singing, so she gave the girl a generous tip and visited the pub No.2 worked at every day.

Jiang Wentong was both beautiful and skilled at flirting. So, it took less than a month for her to get together with No.2. However, the two of them gave each other a lot of personal space, never interfering with each other's personal life. Apart from the daily message exchanges and their occasional dinner dates, they rarely communicated with each other. As a result, Jiang Wentong didn't know much about No.2. The only thing she knew was where the girl worked.

However, as Jiang Wentong was too skilled in the art of romance, she never got busted for knowing next to nothing about No.2.

Jiang Wentong would also take on different characters when dealing with her multiple boyfriends and girlfriends. In front of No.2, she would behave like a mature and elegant woman with a decisiveness that wouldn't let her take no for an answer.

The reason why Jiang Wentong eventually failed and met a tragic end was because she couldn't bear to let go of her partners. As a result, her partners eventually came across each other, lost their minds, and ended Jiang Wentong.


During lunch, someone brushed shoulders with Jun Zishu and met eyes with Jun Zishu.

Jun Zishu nodded at the other party, sat down at the table she chose and began having her lunch.

Fortunately, Jiang Wentong hadn't been so muddle-headed that she would rampantly flirt with anyone who caught her eye. For example, she would never lay her hands on her colleague.

Meanwhile, the person who met eyes with Jun Zishu was a young doctor belonging to another department. According to Jiang Wentong's memories, this young doctor had been sending her ambiguous signals for quite some time now.

However, Jun Zishu already had more than enough on her plate, so she quietly ate her lunch and avoided making any further eye contact with other people.

A patient in critical condition entered the hospital in the afternoon, and Jun Zishu was tasked with handling the operation. After hurriedly changing her clothes and putting on her gloves, Jun Zishu entered the operating room and began busily preparing for surgery.

After working the entire afternoon, Jun Zishu walked out of the operating room with a slightly tired look on her face.

"Are you feeling alright, Doctor Jiang?" a nurse asked with a concerned expression as she handed Jun Zishu a cup of water.

"I'm still good, thanks."

Jun Zishu didn't need to be on duty tonight, so after changing out of her surgical clothes, she pulled out her phone to check her messages.

Jun Zishu had been at work just now, so Little Fairy didn't dare to interrupt her. After an entire afternoon, many new messages had appeared on her phone.

No.5: I haven't received any messages from you the whole day. :(

No.5: Can we not meet again today?

No.5: I really, really miss you.

After pondering for a moment, Jun Zishu typed out a message and sent it to No.5.

Jiang Wentong: Let's meet for dinner tonight, then. I'll go and pick you up. Meet me at the usual place at 7.30.

As soon as Jun Zishu sent her message, the other party replied immediately as if she had been waiting for Jun Zishu's reply all this time.

No.5: Okay! See you at the usual place!

When Pan Yingying received the message she had been waiting for the entire day, she ecstatically sat up from her bed.

"What's gotten you so excited? Is there no class tomorrow?" a roommate curiously asked when she saw the joy on Pan Yingying's face.

"No. My partner invited me out for dinner."

"Oh? You mean that mysterious partner of yours? When will you let us take a look at him?"

"He is very busy. Let me use your mascara. The one I bought doesn't seem to work well. I'll have to buy a new one someday."[1]

"It's over there. Go and grab it yourself."

Pan Yingying got out of bed and began to draw her eyebrows, her mood in an excellent state.

It had been five days since they last met. When Pan Yingying thought about how she could see her lover again, she couldn't help but get excited.

When choosing clothes, Pan Yingying had a hard time deciding, so she asked her roommate for opinions.

"You're only going out for a meal with your partner, so what's with the huge hassle? I think everything looks pretty good. How about that one, then?"

"Mhm, that one's good."

"What kind of person are you dating? How handsome is he to mesmerize you to such an extent?"

"He is the best person in the world, in my opinion," Pan Yingying said with a sweet smile as she hugged the set of clothes she picked out.

However, when Pan Yingying's roommate saw this scene, she couldn't help but get goosebumps.


When Jun Zishu arrived at the appointed location, she quickly found Pan Yingying, all dressed up beautifully.

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Pan Yingying was a relatively petite southern girl, and she looked very cute when she smiled. She was also good at acting coquettish, looking innocent and harmless when she did so.

However, looks could be deceiving. Nobody would ever imagine that on top of being an adulterer, Pan Yingying was also a ruthless person capable of participating in murder.

Jun Zishu couldn't bring herself to feel happy at all when she looked at Pan Yingying's happy face.

After Pan Yingying got into the car, the first thing she did wasn't to fasten her seat belt. Instead, she leaned into Jun Zishu and said, "I missed you, Big Sister."

If it were the original Jiang Wentong sitting here, she would've rubbed Pan Yingying's head and kissed Pan Yingying to comfort the girl. However, Jun Zishu wasn't the original Jiang Wentong. So, she simply gave Pan Yingying a calm glance and said, "Fasten your seat belt."


Although Pan Yingying was a little disappointed that she didn't receive her awaited kiss, she still obediently returned to her seat and fastened her seatbelt. Then, she faced forward with an excited expression, sneaking glances at Jun Zishu from time to time.

"Big Sister, did you go out for dinner with Wei Jiangen the other day?" Pan Yingying asked, pretending to mention the matter accidentally. However, her eyes were paying close attention to Jun Zishu's reactions.

"What? Jealous?" Jun Zishu asked jokingly.

In response, Pan Yingying bit her lip and nodded, a slight blush appearing on her face.

Jun Zishu let out a soft laugh. However, she did not continue speaking. Instead, she turned on the car's music player, filling the narrow space with a soothing tune.


The place Jun Zishu brought Pan Yingying to was a new restaurant. After entering a private room, they began ordering their food.

Pan Yingying sat across from Jun Zishu. After placing her order, she rested her chin on her palms and stared at Jun Zishu with a mesmerized look on her face.

"I invited you out this time because I have something I want to say to you, Yingying," Jun Zishu said as she looked straight at Pan Yingying, a gentle smile on her face.

"Mhm, mhm. Go on, Big Sister. I'm listening."

Pan Yingying loved the way Jiang Wentong looked at her the most. It was as if she was the only person in Jiang Wentong's eyes and heart.

"Let's break up."

Pan Yingying was stunned, the smile on her face nearly crumbling.

"What did you say, Big Sister?" Pan Yingying asked in a trembling voice, her hands tightly gripping the hem of her skirt.

"I said, let's break up," Jun Zishu repeated, her eyes void of affection.