Chapter 73
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"I'm sure you'll get an S+ evaluation this time, Host!" Little Fairy said as she happily flew circles around Jun Zishu.

"See you next time. I won't be gone for long, though," Jun Zishu said as she poked Little Fairy's soft body.

After exiting the nutrition pod, Jun Zishu followed her memories and headed to the Emotion Separation Division. Then, once her emotions were dulled, she made her way back to her dormitory.

The sky of this world was beautiful. When Jun Zishu walked through the transparent corridors, she felt as if she was walking on clouds.

There was an exceptionally huge sphere located at the center of this world. However, Jun Zishu had never visited it before, so she had no idea what that place was called.

Upon arriving in her employee dormitory, Jun Zishu took a moment to admire the small room before throwing herself onto the bed.

However, before going to bed, Jun Zishu decided to take a shower and fill her stomach. Then, after drinking some nutrition fluid, she opened the star window and admired the vast universe outside. Even though she knew the sight before her was fake, it still awed her heart.

Eventually, Jun Zishu closed her eyes and fell asleep. However, before she could get any rest, someone knocked on her door.

Confused, Jun Zishu got out of bed and made her way to the door. As far as she knew, the only people she had met in this world were Little Fairy and the lady responsible for overseeing her nutrition pod. So, she couldn't help but wonder who was visiting her at this hour.

When Jun Zishu opened the door, the sight of a short-haired woman dressed in casual wear appeared outside the door. The woman wore a smile on her face, looking to be very peaceful.

"Hello, my name is Liang Yi, the Fate Changing Division's division chief," Liang Yi introduced herself. Then, she began carefully scrutinizing every inch of the girl in front of her, curious to find out how this harmless-looking girl could be related to Lord.

"Hello, Division Chief. Did a problem come up with my mission?" Jun Zishu asked in surprise. She d

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