Chapter 73
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"I'm sure you'll get an S+ evaluation this time, Host!" Little Fairy said as she happily flew circles around Jun Zishu.

"See you next time. I won't be gone for long, though," Jun Zishu said as she poked Little Fairy's soft body.

After exiting the nutrition pod, Jun Zishu followed her memories and headed to the Emotion Separation Division. Then, once her emotions were dulled, she made her way back to her dormitory.

The sky of this world was beautiful. When Jun Zishu walked through the transparent corridors, she felt as if she was walking on clouds.

There was an exceptionally huge sphere located at the center of this world. However, Jun Zishu had never visited it before, so she had no idea what that place was called.

Upon arriving in her employee dormitory, Jun Zishu took a moment to admire the small room before throwing herself onto the bed.

However, before going to bed, Jun Zishu decided to take a shower and fill her stomach. Then, after drinking some nutrition fluid, she opened the star window and admired the vast universe outside. Even though she knew the sight before her was fake, it still awed her heart.

Eventually, Jun Zishu closed her eyes and fell asleep. However, before she could get any rest, someone knocked on her door.

Confused, Jun Zishu got out of bed and made her way to the door. As far as she knew, the only people she had met in this world were Little Fairy and the lady responsible for overseeing her nutrition pod. So, she couldn't help but wonder who was visiting her at this hour.

When Jun Zishu opened the door, the sight of a short-haired woman dressed in casual wear appeared outside the door. The woman wore a smile on her face, looking to be very peaceful.

"Hello, my name is Liang Yi, the Fate Changing Division's division chief," Liang Yi introduced herself. Then, she began carefully scrutinizing every inch of the girl in front of her, curious to find out how this harmless-looking girl could be related to Lord.

"Hello, Division Chief. Did a problem come up with my mission?" Jun Zishu asked in surprise. She didn't think her division chief would suddenly appear in front of her.

"No, you've performed excellently. Care to join me for a cup of coffee?"


Jun Zishu now knew what the gigantic sphere was for. Apparently, it was an entertainment center of epic proportions.

Just like in her original world, there were plenty of things to buy in this entertainment center. However, money was needed to conduct purchases, and the currency used here was Energy Points(EPs).

Jun Zishu was still an intern, and interns did not have salaries. So, she couldn't shop or make use of the services here even if she wanted to. If not for Liang Yi, she wouldn't even get to enjoy the cup of coffee in front of her right now.

"I have seen your performance in all three missions, and you have completed every one with perfection."

"Thank you," Jun Zishu politely thanked her boss. She also grew a little more confident after hearing Liang Yi's words. Judging by Liang Yi's amicable attitude, she guessed that the other party's visit involved good news.

"Thus, I plan to officially hire you ahead of time. Also, you have participated in an exchange activity for your third mission, right? We will be continuing this activity for your future missions," Liang Yi said.

In reality, Liang Yi wanted nothing more than to keep Jun Zishu in her department. However, the other division chiefs would definitely object to it since they, too, wanted a share of Lord's energy. Thus, she had no choice but to share Jun Zishu with the other divisions.

"Alright. Thank you, Division Chief. But if that's the case, does that mean I can never return to my original division?"

"Of course not. Leave this arrangement to us."


"I have already prepared your new dormitory for you. You will also receive a salary starting from your next mission."


After that, there was nothing else to talk about. So, after Jun Zishu and Liang Yi finished their coffee, Liang Yi led Jun Zishu to her new dormitory.

Jun Zishu didn't have anything to take from her old room. She didn't own any clothes since the clothes here cost EPs to purchase. As for the clothes Jun Zishu currently wore, it was the uniform distributed by the Department of Transmigration to all employees. So, she could just ask for a new set when she arrived in her new dormitory.

Meanwhile, the dormitories for regular employees were much more spacious than those of interns. The furnishings inside were better as well.

"You can adjust the simulated weather here. You can read the instruction manual if you don't understand anything. I hope you can continue accomplishing better performances from now on."

"Okay, Division Chief."

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Jun Zishu was honestly feeling a little surprised. She didn't think she would receive official employment after completing only three missions. Moreover, she didn't think that her performance in her missions was anything exceptional.

"Come again? What division did you say we were visiting this time?"

Standing in the transit space, Jun Zishu had a bad premonition as she looked at Little Fairy.

"The Professional Break-up Division..." Little Fairy repeated in a weak voice. Honestly, even she did not expect the next division they visited would be this one.

"What kind of stupid division is this... Why do I get the feeling that it's even worse than the previous Harmony Maintenance Division... Am I going to help others break up?"

Jun Zishu held her head in agony.

"No, the situation is even more special. Actually, this division has an alias that elaborates more on the division's work."

"Go on."

"Helping the Scumbag Break Up Division."

"I have something inappropriate I wish to say, but I don't know if it is appropriate to say it."

"Don't say it first, Host. Wait until I tell you this division's other alias, then say it," Little Fairy said as she looked at Jun Zishu with a sympathetic expression.

"Go on."

"The division's other alias is Perfect Escape from Bloodshed."

"I have a very, very bad feeling about this..."

"Let's go, Host! I believe in you!"

A moment after Jun Zishu entered the nutrition pod and closed her eyes, she heard the sound of an alarm ringing beside her. In response, she reached out to turn off her phone's alarm, yawned, and sat up from the bed.

Simultaneously, memories of her new body began flooding into her mind. The original owner of her body was named Jiang Wentong. Despite being only 26 years old, Jiang Wentong had already become a famous surgeon in a hospital. Simply put, she was talented, famous, rich, and beautiful.

Jun Zishu sorted through her memories as she made her way to the bathroom. Partway through reading her new memories, her body suddenly froze.

Now, Jun Zishu finally understood how this division came to earn its alias of Helping the Scumbag Break Up Division.

If Jun Zishu were to describe Jiang Wentong with one word, it would have to be "scumbag."

Based on the memories, Jun Zishu found that Jiang Wentong had numerous ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends.

However, that wasn't the crucial point.

The key thing was that Jiang Wentong currently had five boyfriends and girlfriends...

[Host, your mission is to avoid meeting a bloody end and successfully break up with your five partners.]

I'm seriously suspecting that only a ridiculously talented individual can man this division. Compared to this division's members, the members of other divisions are nothing special. How strong of a psychological mind, on-the-spot adaptability, acting skills, and eloquence would you need to even succeed in this division? Jun Zishu mentally complained.

However, after thinking it through, Jun Zishu realized that she just happened to be the kind of talent this division needed.

Mhm... The problem isn't too big.

When Jun Zishu arrived in the bathroom, she received another piece of memory. Because of this piece of memory, Jun Zishu came to understand the reason for the division's other alias--Perfect Escape from Bloodshed Division.

The memory described the process of Jiang Wentong's death. On the day before the upcoming Valentine's Day, Jiang Wentong's five partners would message her and express their intention to spend Valentine's Day with Jiang Wentong. Of the five partners Jiang Wentong dated, the longest relationship had been going on for one and a half years now. As for the shortest one, it had only been going on for three months. Jiang Wentong did not have experience in dealing with such a situation. Thus, she was, in a sense, fucked.

On Valentine's Day, Jiang Wentong's crazed boyfriends and girlfriends banded together and gave her a brutal death.

When Jun Zishu was done looking through this memory, she felt as if she had just been dumped into an ice-cold lake.

[Good luck, Host. I will forever support you in spirit and be your strongest backing. Now that you've become a full-time employee, your authority has been raised, and you can further increase the pain reduction percentage. Moreover, this division offers its employees very generous salaries.]

Little Fairy felt that Jun Zishu's current situation was indeed quite tragic, so she did her best to comfort Jun Zishu.

It's the eighth of February today, so there are six days left before Valentine's Day. Six days before my death...

Jun Zishu looked at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath to calm herself.

It's fine. The problem isn't big. Don't panic.

The face reflected in the mirror was very beautiful if Jun Zishu had to be honest. However, it wasn't the seductive type of beauty. Instead, she gave off a gentle appearance when she smiled. The mole in the corner of her eye also added a touch of style to her beauty, making her overall face give off a feeling of reliability.

Perhaps because of her career, Jiang Wentong would always have a faint smile on her face, which made others feel at ease around her.

After freshening up, Jun Zishu began going through this body's daily routine, which was to jog for 20 minutes on the treadmill. Once she was done, she wiped her sweat off her forehead and took a bath.

Jiang Wentong's body was in excellent shape. Because of her occupation and personal reasons, Jiang Wentong placed high requirements for her physical fitness. While she might look slim, her body was packed with strength.

After bathing, Jun Zishu put on some light makeup before heading to the kitchen and cooking herself a bowl of noodles.

There were still 40 minutes left until her shift began, so Jun Zishu opened up her phone and looked through the dozens of messages she received.

Jiang Wentong appeared to be incredibly confident in herself as she gave all five of her boyfriends and girlfriends the same contact method.

However, the more Jun Zishu read through Jiang Wentong's message log, the more she wished she could beat up this scumbag.

In the original storyline, Jiang Wentong's five partners had banded together to kill her and dismember her body. However, they failed to hide the body properly, so the police eventually caught all five of them.

Because of romance, six people had their futures ruined.

Jun Zishu held no positive feelings for the original owner, and she felt quite sympathetic to her four partners.

As to why it was only four and not five, it was because there was a somewhat special case among these five partners.

Said person was the female friend of one of Jiang Wentong's boyfriends. Jiang Wentong wasn't the one who took the initiative to seduce this person. Instead, it was the other way around. However, as Jiang Wentong and the girl managed to hit it off, they eventually became an adultering pair.

Yet, despite knowingly being an adulterer, the girl still participated in Jiang Wentong's murder.

After sorting out Jiang Wentong's relationship table, Jun Zishu decided to strive for break-ups starting today.

Boyfriend (Partner No.1): A famous photographer. Dating for a year and a half now.

Girlfriend (Partner No.2): Pub singer. Dating for a year now.

Girlfriend (Partner No.3): Cafe waitress. Dating for eight months now.

Boyfriend (Partner No.4): University boy toy. Dating for five months now.

Girlfriend (Partner No.5): No.4's close friend. Dating for three months now.

Apart from these five, Jiang Wentong also had a few sex friends. However, Jun Zishu chose to ignore these people since they weren't related to her mission.

After calmly finishing her noodles, Jun Zishu wiped her mouth and let out an exhausted sigh.

Life truly was colorful and varied.


Arc 4 (Striving for Break-ups) will be a yandere arc. Serious yandere. I would recommend those with faint hearts or those uninterested in yandere to skip this arc. There is almost no fluffy romance in this arc.

The next arc begins at Chapter 96, so for those planning to skip, wait around three weeks.