Chapter 53.1
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Jun Zishu hesitated whether to eat the drugged rice or not.

According to Little Fairy's analysis, all three bowls of rice were drugged. Jun Zishu's and Shen Zheyan's bowls contained a powerful aphrodisiac, while Wei Zinan's bowl contained a sleeping drug.

It would seem that the mastermind was quite the ambitious person, aiming to take both girls at the same time.

Of course, Jun Zishu could avoid taking the drug and still steal Wei Zinan's role during the climactic scene. However, if she did that, it would make it seem like she was doing it to help Shen Zheyan instead of doing it out of necessity. It would also make it seem like she was trying to take advantage of Shen Zheyan. In a situation where Shen Zheyan had yet to harbor any romantic feelings for Jun Zishu, it would only make it awkward and difficult for Shen Zheyan to face Jun Zishu. After that, their interactions would no longer be as natural as they had been before.

However, it was a different story if Jun Zishu chose to take the aphrodisiac as well. If Jun Zishu took the drug, she would be putting herself in the same passive state. In that situation, Shen Zheyan wouldn't be as resistant to the idea of having sex with Jun Zishu. She might even feel sorry for having to do such a thing to Jun Zishu. At that time, Jun Zishu would only need to give Shen Zheyan a little push to seal the deal.

Although both methods achieved the same goal, each method would lead to Shen Zheyan taking on different attitudes toward Jun Zishu. The two methods would also have varying impacts on the future.

After thinking it over, Jun Zishu made up her mind and picked up her chopsticks. Then, she began eating dinner together with Shen Zheyan and Wei Zinan.

The dishes tonight were especially delicious. Before the three realized it, they had already finished all of the food. Jun Zishu even let out a small burp and smiled when she finished eating.

Shortly after finishing their meal, Wei Zinan decided to head back to his room. However, as soon as he stood up, his body wobbled, and his vision blurred.

"W-What's going on?" Wei Zinan shook his head and supported himself using the edge of the table.

Shen Zheyan thought to ask Wei Zinan if he was alright. However, before her words could leave her mouth, she suddenly felt a strange heat spreading throughout her body.

Shen Zheyan was startled. Hurriedly, she turned to look at Jun Zishu, only to find that her childhood friend had curled up on the floor with her face flushed.

It didn't take a genius to tell that someone had drugged their food.

Shen Zheyan gritted her teeth and forcibly suppressed her body's reactions. Then, she said, "We've been drugged, Yan Xi. Do you have an antidote?"

Inhaling deeply, Jun Zishu slowly said, "There is no antidote for aphrodisiacs."

Jun Zishu was a little surprised by the potency of the aphrodisiac. She had only eaten half of her rice, yet she was already having difficulty enduring the drug's effects. In comparison, Shen Zheyan was amazing for staying sane even though she had finished her rice.

In the meantime, Wei Zinan bit his tongue to keep himself awake. He was certain that he hadn't been given the same drug as Jun Zishu and Shen Zheyan.

"Miss Yanxi, do you have an antidote for sleeping drugs?"

It should be normal for a flower thief to carry sleeping drugs and their corresponding antidotes.

"I think so. I'll get it for you," Jun Zishu weakly said while gasping for air.

Shen Zheyan shuddered when she heard Jun Zishu's frail and enchanting voice. Immediately, she bit her lower lip and tried to clear her mind of thoughts.

Jun Zishu brought many things with her when she left the Demon Cult. Among them, there was also an antidote for sleeping drugs. However, she did not know whether it was effective against the sleeping drug used on Wei Zinan.

Regardless, it didn't matter. It would be great if it worked. If it didn't work, nothing would change.

Jun Zishu threw the antidote to Wei Zinan, to which Wei Zinan barely caught it. Then, he swallowed the pill and found his consciousness clearing up significantly.

"It works! Zheyan, you two…"

"We'll wait for that person to arrive. Since he drugged us, there's no way he won't come."

"Can you endure it?"

"I can still manage."

Shen Zheyan inhaled deeply and straightened her body. Then, the blush on her cheeks faded slightly.

Meanwhile, Jun Zishu clenched the hem of her dress and did her best to remain conscious.

"Yan Xi, go hide in a corner and try to endure it."

"Mhm!" Jun Zishu nodded and hid by the bed.

Wei Zinan laid down on the table and pretended to be conscious.

Shen Zheyan also sat down and pretended to look like she was having trouble keeping her sanity.

Sometime later, the door to the room opened briefly before closing again.

"It's you." Shen Zheyan clenched her sword and inwardly chided herself for being careless when she saw the person that had entered the room.

"I heard that you've been looking for me these past few days."

The person speaking was a young man who gave off a scholarly air. Meanwhile, this young man was none other than the innkeeper.

"It's surprising that you're still holding on," the innkeeper said, chuckling. Then, his eyes greedily moved between Jun Zishu and Shen Zheyan before continuing, "I didn't think I would get two beauties simultaneously. Seeing how beautiful you two are, your blood must taste very good as well."

When the innkeeper tried to touch Shen Zheyan's face, Shen Zheyan pushed him away. At the same time, Wei Zinan took the opportunity to strike, unsheathing a long needle from his flute and stabbing it at the innkeeper.

"Oh? You're still conscious?"

The innkeeper evaded Wei Zinan's surprise attack without batting an eye, proving that he was a skilled martial artist.

Shen Zheyan made her move and sent a kick flying at the innkeeper. However, the innkeeper dodged this attack as well and grabbed Shen Zheyan's leg. In response, Shen Zheyan twisted her body in an attempt to free her leg.

The innkeeper did not carry any weapons on him, choosing to fight with only his fists. Even so, he had no trouble going up against Shen Zheyan and Wei Zinan simultaneously.

Although Wei Zinan had already recovered from the sleeping drug's effects, Shen Zheyan did not. She had to focus a significant portion of her attention on suppressing the aphrodisiac's effects. Thus, she couldn't exhibit more than half of her usual combat power in this fight.

Partway through the fight, the innkeeper's fist connected with Wei Zinan's stomach, and Wei Zinan was sent flying out of the fight. Seeing this, Shen Zheyan quickly swung a sword at the innkeeper to keep him from following up his attack.

After Wei Zinan hit the floor, he quickly got back up and kicked the table beside him to the innkeeper. However, the innkeeper did not flinch and simply punched the table, shattering it.

Strangely enough, despite such a huge commotion taking place inside the room, nobody outside had come to check in on the situation.

The innkeeper had set Wei Zinan as the main target of his fists. After several exchanges, Wei Zinan had already accumulated significant injuries on his body.

Seeing that they were making no progress, Wei Zinan jumped back and put his flute between his lips. Then, he focused his mind and began playing it, creating a series of destructive sound waves that flowed toward the innkeeper.

The innkeeper immediately sensed the gradual damage the sound waves were causing to his body. A hint of ruthlessness flashing past his eyes, he charged forth and tried to put a stop to Wei Zinan's attack. However, before he could do so, Shen Zheyan's blade stopped him. Then, the three entered a stalemate once more.

When the battle reached its zenith, Jun Zishu decided that it was time she did something. Immediately, she pulled out a hair-thin needle from her sleeve and gripped it between her fingers. Then, when nobody was paying attention, she threw it at the innkeeper's head.

Apart from the innkeeper, nobody had noticed Jun Zishu's sneak attack. However, it was already too late by the time he noticed it. The needle had already penetrated his skull and entered his brain. Then, his body shuddered as his eyes turned to look at Jun Zishu.

Jun Zishu smiled in response, her smile carrying a hint of ridicule.

Because of Jun Zishu's attack, Shen Zheyan finally stabbed her sword into the innkeeper's stomach.

However, even until the end, neither Wei Zinan nor Shen Zheyan had noticed Jun Zishu's interference. They simply assumed that the innkeeper's defenses had finally crumbled under their combined assault.

Seeing that her sneak attack had gone unnoticed, Jun Zishu lowered her head and continued feigning weakness.

"What do we do now, Zheyan?" Wei Zinan asked.

At this time, the innkeeper suddenly turned around, opened the door, and fled. When Shen Zheyan and Wei Zinan ran outside, they found that the inn was empty and entrance was shut. It was evident that the innkeeper had made ample preparations for his plot tonight.

When the innkeeper was about to jump downstairs, Shen Zheyan threw her sword and pinned him against the nearby pillar.


Someone stepped out from the bend of the corridor. It was none other than the suspicious man they saw burying a body several days ago.

Shen Zheyan walked over to the innkeeper and drew her sword out from the innkeeper's body. The innkeeper shuddered for a moment before he stopped breathing.

After seeing that the innkeeper had died, Shen Zheyan pointed her sword at the suspicious man.

The suspicious man immediately knelt down and anxiously pleaded, "Spare me, Miss Warrior! I didn't do anything! I was only helping him bury bodies!"

Wei Zinan searched the innkeeper's body and found the antidote for the sleeping drug. After taking the antidote, he could feel the drug's remaining effects disappearing completely.

"Where's the antidote for the other drug?" Wei Zinan demanded as he looked at the suspicious man. Then, he snuck a glance at Shen Zheyan, a look of worry appearing on his face.

"There is none… The master made the other drug himself. It...doesn't have an antidote," the suspicious man said.

Jun Zishu inwardly clicked her tongue in dissatisfaction when she heard Wei Zinan's question. She had already stated that there was no antidote for aphrodisiacs.

Shen Zheyan knocked the suspicious man unconscious after hearing that there was no cure. While doing so, she failed to stand herself straight and nearly fell.

Wei Zinan hurriedly moved forward to help Shen Zheyan but ended up getting shoved aside in response.

"Tie him up and interrogate him, Brother Zinan. I'll go find some cold water with Xi'er in the meantime."

After struggling to sheath her sword, Shen Zheyan stumbled her way back to her room. As soon as she closed the door, her sword and its scabbard fell out of her hand and hit the ground.

At this time, Jun Zishu's eyes had grown misty, her face becoming as red as a tomato. Unable to bear the scorching heat within her, she tugged at her collar and revealed a patch of white.

Shen Zheyan staggered, her vision growing a little fuzzy. Sweat dripped down from her forehead and flowed past her cheeks. The breaths she exhaled were also filled with scorching air.

"Big Sister Zheyan…" Jun Zishu called out when she felt Shen Zheyan collapsing onto the bed beside her.

Shen Zheyan turned to look at the girl beside her, taking note of the girl's watery eyes and fragrant smell.

"Hold on for a while longer. I'll take you downstairs; there should be some cold water in the kitchen," Shen Zheyan said as she suppressed her inner urges and struggled to keep her eyes open.

"Okay." Jun Zishu nodded as she tightly held onto Shen Zheyan's hand. However, just when Shen Zheyan was about to climb out of the bed, Jun Zishu pulled her down again and said in a tearful voice, "Big Sister Zheyan… I can't bear it anymore…"

Shen Zheyan bit down on her lip, the last of her rationality telling her not to succumb to her desires. Yet, despite her thoughts, her hand that tried to push Jun Zishu away was ever so weak.

Before Shen Zheyan knew it, they had started kissing each other.

Shen Zhenyan felt herself going crazy as her lips and tongue intertwined with Jun Zishu's. Partway through the kiss, she briefly regained her sanity and pushed Jun Zishu away.

"Let's go."

It would be too late if they didn't leave now.

"Big Sister Zheyan… You… I…"

"Endure it a little longer."

Shen Zheyan tidied her robe in a fluster. However, her hands trembled violently, and her mind teetered between sanity and depravity.

"Big Sister, this aphrodisiac is the strongest I've seen. Cold water might not work against me. If you're not willing to touch me or let me touch you, I'll find another person to do it. I haven't completed my graduation task yet, anyway," Jun Zishu said before biting down on her lip. Then, she started making her way toward the door, her fluttering red dress stimulating Shen Zheyan's heart.

"No, I won't allow it."

Shen Zheyan closed her eyes and shook her head. She couldn't let Jun Zishu go out in such a state. It would be incredibly dangerous to do so.

"Take me, then. Just think of it as…us helping each other," Jun Zishu said in a tender voice.

Shen Zheyan felt her heartstrings tugged. However, before she could say anything, she heard knocking sounds coming from the door followed by a voice.

"Zheyan, Zheyan, are you and Miss Yan Xi alright?"

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It was Wei Zinan's voice, and he sounded quite anxious. After failing to get a reply for some time, he tried to push open the door.

When Shen Zheyan saw Jun Zishu looking at her, strength inexplicably returned to her body as she stopped the door from being opened with her hand.

"We're fine," Shen Zheyan said, doing her best to stabilize her voice. Then, she watched as Jun Zishu walked up to her with a smile, she felt something snap within her mind.

As the sky gradually darkened, a red dress fell to the floor in a mess.

Wei Zinan stood outside of Shen Zheyan's room, his heart growing cold as he listened to the movements inside the room.