Chapter 2
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Madam Ning had assigned Jun Zishu to stay in the same building as Ning Qinghuan. To be precise, Jun Zishu would be staying in the room next to Ning Qinghuan's.

Madam Ning's arrangement showed that she didn't hold any contemptuous thoughts against Jun Wan'er's identity. Combined with the treatment she had received from the Ning family thus far, Jun Zishu found the family quite friendly and likable.

Ning Qinghuan led Jun Zishu to her room. Then, she pointed at the room next door and said to Jun Zishu, "Little Sister Wan'er, that room is yours. The servants have already tidied it up, so you can go in by yourself."

"Very well, Big Sister Qinghuan."

Seeing Ning Qinghuan disappearing into her room, Jun Zishu found that this little loli was very cute.

Subsequently, after settling into her new room, Jun Zishu laid down on her bed and began conversing with the system in her mind.

Little Fairy, do you have any system abilities?

[For example?]

Something like a pain sensitivity reduction or a protagonist's aura.

[I'm sorry, but I do not offer the second service you mentioned. Otherwise, we systems could just complete the missions ourselves instead of hiring employees. As for the first service mentioned, we do provide that, but there is a limit.]

Little Fairy spoke in a solemn tone, making it seem as if she was behaving seriously.

What's the limit?

[As you are currently an intern, you get to enjoy up to a 10% reduction in pain sensitivity. That benefit will increase to 30% once you become an official employee, and 50% if you become an excellent employee.]

Little Fairy's voice changed to one filled with enthusiasm, causing Jun Zishu to feel inexplicably joyful.

Then, what benefit do you get for following me around?

[Huh? Nothing. It is the job and mission of the various systems to guide and assist fate changers like you. We do not require any benefits. Every system is equal, and there is no distinction in quality between us. Our authority is only limited by our hosts.]

Understood. Are there any other functions you have?

[The query function, loca

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