Chapter 3
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[Host! Host! What are you thinking?! You'll catch a cold this way! You'll fail the mission if you die!]

This development caught little Fairy off guard, and she didn't know what she should do in this situation.

I know, so shut up.

After jumping into the water, Jun Zishu took a moment to locate Ning Qinghuan before swimming in that direction. Even though the cold water soaking her body made her feel incredibly uncomfortable, Jun Zishu persisted.

A successful businessman needed to have an adventurous spirit and the courage to take risks. Otherwise, he would never know what miracle he could achieve if he didn't take a leap of faith.

According to Jun Zishu's analysis, she needed to secure an important position in Ning Qinghuan's heart and gain the ability to influence the girl's life if she wanted to complete her mission. Meanwhile, the first step to do so would be to change the outcome of the situation in front of her.

Hence, Jun Zishu did not hesitate in taking action, even though this action of hers carried hints of a gamble.

Jun Zishu was gambling on the fact that her body would survive this situation and that her actions would move Ning Qinghuan's heart.

Jun Zishu had indeed come to save Ning Qinghuan. However, she also knew that her current body lacked the ability to actually rescue Ning Qinghuan out of the pond.

Rather than saving Ning Qinghuan, Jun Zishu was only trying to show others her courage and selflessness. Although Jun Zishu knew that her actions came with risks, the closer she was to death, the greater her returns.

While Jun Zishu was making her way to Ning Qinghuan, the latter struggled to stay afloat. Despite being in great pain and on the verge of death, Ning Qinghuan did her best to keep herself awake and stayed afloat when she heard Shaoyao's cries for help.

Then, amidst her struggle, Ning Qinghuan suddenly saw someone frantically swimming toward her.


Ning Qinghuan was shocked. She couldn't understand why her delicate cousin had come into the water as well. Was the girl looking to die?


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