Chapter 479.1: Isn't a Peaceful Life Good? - Part 1
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 479.1: Isn't a Peaceful Life Good? - Part 1

"How are you so quick?"

The Great Liang's imperial gazette always reached Xie Nandu at the fastest speed, so she was almost certain that Chen Chao would need at least another half month to return to the D\. But unexpectedly, he had returned half a month early.

Xie Nandu retracted her gaze and took the short sword, then began to walk slowly toward her small courtyard. Chen Chao followed behind, quickly catching up to walk alongside her.

"That phrase can be misunderstood. I'd advise you not to say it again," Chen Chao glanced at the students, then smiled and said, "I wanted to see you sooner, so I hurried."

"You're very shameless."

Xie Nandu said calmly, "You're just like before; no change."

Chen Chao was accustomed to this girl's demeanor and did not mind, saying forwardly, "Who knew there would be so many people trying to kill me along the way? If I didn't hurry, I might not have made it back. In hindsight, I should have traveled with Eunuch Li."

His black robe was full of cuts and covered in dust, clearly indicating that his journey had not been easy.

"Don't worry, not many people can kill me now." Chen Chao stretched lazily, glancing at Xie Nandu beside him with a smile. "You've grown taller again, but still not as tall as me."

Chen Chao reached out to measure, his hand brushing past her hair.

Girls typically develop earlier than boys, so when they were young, they were often taller than their male peers. However, Chen Chao had been running around since childhood, resulting in a strong physique, and he had recently shot up in height too. He was still a head taller than Xie Nandu. Given her build, she was already taller than many women in the northern regions of the Great Liang Dynasty.

It was a well-known fact that the people in the north of the Great Liang Dynasty were generally taller than those in the south.

Xie Nandu asked softly, "That's lame?"

Chen Chao did not say anything, he just kept smiling.

A man's childish side would likely only appear in front of the woman he liked.

"Is your saber rep

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