Chapter 478: Return
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 478: Return

In the end, Weng Quan bought some things and carried them with Song Lian to his current courtyard. The woman came out to welcome them warmly. She looked at Weng Quan and complained, "If you're coming, just come. Why did you buy stuff?"

Weng Quan replied honestly, "I wasn't planning to buy anything, but Second Uncle insisted. Auntie, must we act so distant as one family?"

Hearing this, Song Lian glared fiercely at Weng Quan. This silly kid, why is he so dumb?

The woman then glared at Song Lian and scolded, "We're all family, why make such a fuss?"

Song Lian felt rather helpless. "Just trying to teach this silly kid a bit about social niceties. Who knew he'd be this clueless."

Weng Quan glanced at his uncle with a sense of grievance but did not dare to say anything.

The woman took the things and went back to the kitchen to start cooking. Weng Quan sat obediently in the courtyard, not daring to speak.

Song Lian glanced at Weng Quan and took the initiative to say, "Why don't you go to the Northern Frontier?"

Weng Quan was taken aback, wearing a pained expression. "Second Uncle, do you really want me to die?"

Song Lian who was just casually mentioning going to the Northern Frontier had a dark expression when he heard this, "Are you fucking scared of death?"

Weng Quan nodded earnestly. "Second Uncle, aren't you afraid of death?"

Song Lian fell silent.

After a moment of thought, Weng Quan continued, "But if the day comes when I'm really needed to die, I won't need you to say it, Second Uncle, I'll definitely go."

"You stinking brat, even if that day comes, it won't be your turn."

Song Lian patted Weng Quan on the shoulder, smiling faintly. "You silly kid, clueless in all aspects, but you're not bad at heart. You're indeed a son of my Song family."

Weng Quan carefully reminded him, "Second Uncle, my surname is Weng."

"Well, you're still part of my Song family!"

Song Lian stood up, truly unwilling to spend more time with this silly kid.

Comparisons between people would really anger people to death.



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