Chapter 455: Who Ask This World to Be Surnamed Chen?
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 455: Who Ask This World to Be Surnamed Chen?

Yang Furen looked at the young martial artist who had climbed to the mountaintop, still carrying that green bamboo, and could not help but feel both amused and exasperated.

However, seeing Chen Chao appear here did surprise him. It was not unusual for someone to try and drive him away without his knowledge. Although Sword Qi Mountain had many swordsmiths, it did not mean the entire mountain lacked cultivators. In fact, swordsmiths who interacted with swords daily had a more advantageous position than other sword cultivators. Sword Qi Mountain had its own sword immortals; albeit few in number. However, this time, the sword immortals did not intervene. Even so, the numerous sword cultivators on the mountain actually failed to stop this young martial artist from climbing up?

Yang Furen smiled and said, "My apologies."

Chen Chao got straight to the point and asked, "Is it really that troublesome?"

Yang Furen pointed to the swordsmiths and said softly, "They say that helping you forge a saber would bring destruction upon Sword Qi Mountain. Although this old man doesn't think it would be that drastic, I can't convince them otherwise."

"People, the hardest thing is to convince another person."

Yang Furen felt rather emotional, though it was not entirely unacceptable.

Chen Chao probed, “How about you let this junior give it a try? This junior is quite good at arguing.”

Before Yang Furen could respond, Chen Chao asked again, “If I manage to win the argument, can the saber be reforged?”

Yang Furen chuckled, “We can give it a try together.”

Chen Chao put down the green bamboo he was carrying on his shoulder, took a few steps forward, and looked at the group in front of him. “Seniors, shall we have a chat?”

Wen Hu answered coldly, “There's nothing to talk about. You'd better leave the mountain right now, or don't blame Sword Qi Mountain for not being hospitable!”

Chen Chao replied in surprise, “So, Senior, driving people away is Sword Qi Mountain's way of treating guests?”

Wen Hu who had already had an unpleasant

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