Chapter 454: Someone Who Can't Be Chased Away
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 454: Someone Who Can't Be Chased Away

Before coming up the mountain, Chen Chao knew that asking Sword Qi Mountain to help forge a saber would be no simple task. Putting aside whether or not the swordsmiths here had the skill, just the act of forging a saber would raise many voices of dissent on Sword Qi Mountain. He had prepared many arguments, but in the end, he only met with the Mountain Lord and did not meet the other swordsmiths.

The trouble had been taken on by Yang Furen himself.

This Mountain Lord looked at the many swordsmiths present and, after a long silence, asked, "Can it not be done in this old man's personal capacity?"

Someone quickly replied, "Even if Mountain Lord thinks so, will those outside the mountain think the same?"

Yang Furen said, "Have you all considered that if he brings a saber up the mountain and leaves with a broken saber, people might think Sword Qi Mountain is nothing special, that we can only forge swords and cannot even repair a broken saber?"

Some of the swordsmiths frowned upon hearing this. Having spent their entire lives on Sword Qi Mountain, they valued the reputation of Sword Qi Mountain more than anyone else.

Before they could reply, Yang Furen just smiled and said, "It's not that complicated, you're all overthinking it."

"Anyway, this old man doesn't agree. If Mountain Lord insists on doing this, then this old man will leave the mountain today and never return, nor will I acknowledge myself as a member of Sword Qi Mountain."

The elderly man who had initially given Chen Chao a hard time at the mountain gate spoke up, his stance resolute.

Yang Furen asked, "Wen Hu, why go so far?"

The old man called Wen Hu frowned and said, "This old man simply cannot stand by and watch Sword Qi Mountain make a foolish decision on this matter. If Mountain Lord insists on going through with this, I'm afraid this won't work."

The other swordsmiths also spoke up. While not as extreme, their sentiments were roughly similar.

Such a situation had never occurred on Sword Qi Mountain, this was the first time in many years. Al

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