Chapter 406.2: Traversing a Thousand Mountains Alone - Part 2
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 406.2: Traversing a Thousand Mountains Alone - Part 2

Upon hearing the words "Her Highness the Princess," a hint of melancholy flashed in Zhou Gouqi's eyes, then he became inexplicably annoyed. "Why talk about this?"

Without waiting for Liu Banbi to speak, Zhou Gouqi cursed, "Why aren't you focusing on becoming a great sword immortal? Why come to this remote place and bother Your Father? Want to get Your Father killed, huh?"

Liu Banbi frowned and said, "I went out of my way just to see you. You better host me well. Otherwise, I'll leave and spread the word that you, the fugitive, are hiding in this place."

"Get lost, Your Father has nothing to host you with," Zhou Gouqi waved his hand impatiently, showing no pleasant attitude to this former fellow student.

Back then, the dean mimicked the example of the sages and aimed to take in 72 disciples. The timing of each student's admission was not fixed. Sometimes three to five people would join within a month, and sometimes there would be no one for several years. However, these two entered the school one after the other; only a few days apart. Zhou Gouqi entered first, so he was the senior brother, and Liu Banbi entered later, making him the junior brother.

When the two studied at the Divine Capital's academy, they were always quarreling. They did not really hate each other, but for some reason, it seemed like their Eight Characters clashed. Every time they met, there would be arguing. Later, Liu Banbi left the academy because he did not want to be a scholar anymore and did not want to read the classics. Instead, he turned to practicing the sword. These two had a big argument over it, but Zhou Gouqi failed to convince him. Hence, their relationship became even more tense. After that, Zhou Gouqi left the Divine Capital because of that old incident. Both of them, potential candidates to become the next dean, vanished without a trace.

In the years that followed, Liu Banbi had been killing demons on the Great Wall at the Northern Frontier, while Zhou Gouqi had been living in seclusion in Tianqing County. The two never met

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