Chapter 362.4: Uncle and Nephew - Part 4
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 362.4: Uncle and Nephew - Part 4

Many people had not seen the Great Liang Emperor's face, but few would fail to recognize the emperor robe he wore.

Chen Chao instinctively placed his hand on the hilt of his saber.

While Xie Nandu gave a slow bow.

It was a bow with folded hands at the lower right side.

The Great Liang Emperor saw the two bracelets intentionally revealed on Xie Nandu's wrist, understanding the thoughts of this genius daughter of the Xie Family but chose not to expose them. Instead, he expressed some admiration, saying, "Truly a girl whom even Our empress liked."

Xie Nandu said softly, "Your Majesty is too kind."

The Great Liang Emperor said, "You may leave."

These words appeared to consist of only three words, but in reality, they carried the decree of an emperor. If Xie Nandu did not leave, it would be considered defiance of an imperial decree, yet she remained motionless.

The Great Liang Emperor said indifferently, "Heard from your teacher that you have lofty ambitions. Don't you wish to see that day?"

Xie Nandu was silent.

She naturally had her own convictions.

The Great Liang Emperor waved his hand and said, "We won't be killing anyone tonight."

Upon hearing this answer, Xie Nandu performed another bow before leaving with her umbrella. This time, she did not even spare a glance at Chen Chao.

For a figure like the Great Liang Emperor, if he said he would not kill anyone tonight, it meant exactly that. She had no worries whatsoever.

But, Chen Chao's hand remained on the hilt of his saber. Facing his uncle, even though it was not their first meeting, he still felt an incredible sense of danger.

In the imperial family, there were no real bonds. He did not even have much feelings for his own sons, let alone for him, his nephew.

The Great Liang Emperor scrutinized Chen Chao. This was their second encounter; the first had been on the day of the Empress' death. At that time, for reasons unknown, the Great Liang Emperor did not make a move to kill this young man.

"It's good to be cautious, but whether you grasp a single

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