Chapter 363: Demolishing Ancestral Hall
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 363: Demolishing Ancestral Hall

Liu Banbi's casual remark was enough to make the middle-aged woman's hair stand on end. She might still feel that she had a glimmer of hope if it was an ordinary sword immortal, but sword immortals could differ greatly. This person in front of her had obviously killed demons for many years in the Northern Frontier, he already had a fundamental difference from ordinary sword cultivators. Among the sword immortals in the same realm today, if they were to judge the one they least wanted to encounter, it would undoubtedly be him, and him alone.

If Liu Banbi stepped into the realm of great sword immortal, he might truly have the possibility of battling against that Sect Master of the Sword Sect who had not shown his face for many years. By then, the entire world would have quite the show to watch.

Would the leader of the world's sword cultivators change hands?

Such matters were for the future, but at present, the middle-aged woman faced Liu Banbi, and her only thought was how to leave with her life.

She remained silent for a moment and was just about to speak, but Liu Banbi on the other side cut her off, "I know what you're going to say. It's about your sect background, and for me, this sword cultivator, to reconsider whether to kill you, and whether or not I can bear the consequences. But there's no need. Since I showed up here, why would I even bother thinking about those things?"

Before his words even finished, the Embracing Cicada at Liu Banbi's waist began to hum, and sword qi already seeped out from its scabbard.

Seeing this scene, the middle-aged woman knew that she had no way out, so she stopped talking. Instead, a faint rainbow light appeared behind her. An ancient well suddenly appeared between heaven and earth. In the midst of the heavy snowfall in the Divine Capital, there was now a hint of coolness. But, it did not make people feel cold. Instead, it was refreshing rather than cold.

In the Divine Capital, Nepenthe cultivators each had their own methods and strengths. Their paths of cultivation, circum

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