Chapter 35: The Cause of the Disaster
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 35: The Cause of the Disaster

Feeling Chen Chao's killing intent, Guo Xi's expression kept changing.

A moment later, he said with a trembling voice, "You're really going to kill me?!"

Chen Chao did not answer him. He just narrowed his eyes and prepared to swing his blade.

"You can't kill me! I'm a disciple of Three Streams Manor, my sect is the number one major sect of the southern qi refiner lineage! If you kill me, there's no way that you'll survive!"

Guo Xi really panicked. He sensed that Chen Chao really had the thought of killing him.

"If you let me off, I promise that I'll forget about this. I can swear a blood oath and never pursue this matter again. Trust me, killing me isn't a good thing. The sect behind me won't let you off. If you let me go, I can even resolve the problem stemming from them.”

“There are also many good stuff on me, I can give them all to you! If that's not enough, I can even go back and get you..."

The current Guo Xi was panicked to the extreme. He no longer looked like he was strolling idly in a courtyard with ready plans to meet any situation.

He only wanted to live at this moment. He would do anything in order to survive.

"I can live if I don't kill you? Do you believe these words yourself? As for the things on you, they will also be mine after killing you..."

Chen Chao smiled and continued, "In this aspect, you seem to be even inferior to that b!tch."

After he was done saying this, Chen Chao was not prepared to talk anymore.



A streak of blade light flashed past.

An additional headless corpse appeared here.

A head rolled on the ground, dripping with blood.

A speck of light similarly swept past in front of Chen Chao from his glabella.

Chen Chao did not attempt to stop it, because he was destined to be unable to stop it.

He just kicked this head in front of him down the abyss.

After confirming that Guo Xi was dead, he only did one thing: that was to find the skygold currency and magic artifacts that these guys were carrying on them and kept them.

Then, Chen Chao sat down on the cliff and wa

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