Chapter 36: Seeing Light
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 36: Seeing Light

Actually, the South Heaven Sect learned about the news of its disciple's death earlier than Three Streams Manor.

As a disciple under the South Heaven Sect, because of her outstanding looks, even if Yan Ruoshui was not the most outstanding disciple in the young generation, she possessed a group of fans too.

After the news of Yan Ruoshui's demise spread, a considerable wave was set off in the entire South Heaven Sect. A group of young disciples gathered over at the sect's main hall, requesting for their masters to punish the murderer severely.

But in reality, after receiving the news long ago, those big shots had already sent a letter to the Three Streams Manor right away.

"Senior Apprentice Brother, Three Streams Manor has replied. That young disciple that they sent out this time is already dead."

A middle-aged man with a sad face stepped into the main hall and said to the purple-robed man who was seated in the master seat, "He was also killed by that warden. Three Streams Manor has already sent people out to capture that warden. What should we do?"

There was only one murderer, but it implicated three sects. Where this person ended up in the end would likely be a problem too.

The purple-robed man had a grim expression. Musing for a moment, he said, "No matter what, since he killed my South Heaven Sect's people, wouldn't my South Heaven Sect be ridiculed by people if we don't do anything?" "Junior Apprentice Brother, bring people to Wei Prefecture. Even if you can't triumph over the Three Streams Manor in the end, you have to show our South Heaven Sect's resolve too. If there's a possibility... directly kill that person and be done with it."

Since they could not bring him back, then they would directly kill him and get it over with.

The middle-aged man nodded his head, "I got it, Senior Apprentice Brother."

Watching the middle-aged man leave, the purple-robed man placed his hand on his forehead and massaged his brows rather tiredly. Then, he said softly, "Ruoshui died in Wei Prefecture, we shouldn't have sent her the

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