Chapter 34: Nothing Better Than a Blade
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 34: Nothing Better Than a Blade

Yan Ruoshui looked at that youth in black who was continuously walking towards her. The anger in her eyes was unabated.

Up until now, she could not figure out why this youth was so brave, to actually dare attack and kill them, these qi refiners.

When had the Great Liang Dynasty ever been so unyielding when handling foreign land immortal cultivators, let alone an ordinary local warden like him?

"Don't you know our identities?"

Yan Ruoshui stared at Chen Chao and said in a cold voice, "We're qi refiners, immortal cultivators on top of mountains that you all have to look up to. How dare you treat us like this?!"

When Yan Ruoshui was speaking, that armored immortal behind her did not make any movements for a time.

Chen Chao frowned when he heard that. Actually, he also did not really understand why this woman in front of him was so stupid. Things had already developed to this point and she was still saying such things.

So what if qi refiner?

Since you want me dead, why couldn't I kill you?

Could it be that because of your qi refiner identity, I had to wait here for you to chop my head off?

Chen Chao shook his head. What kind of lousy logic was this?

As for how the Great Liang Dynasty treated foreign land immortal cultivators, they were naturally courteous on the surface. But in the dark, in places where sunlight could not shine, were there no foreign land cultivators who died within the Great Liang Dynasty's national borders?

"You're really too stupid."

If Yan Ruoshui was a little smarter, then the situation today would never have developed as it did.

But unfortunately, this woman who was called Fairy Yan was seriously too stupid. She completely could not compare to Guo Xi in terms of cunningness. And in terms of attitude when facing Chen Chao, she had a natural contempt that lingered incessantly.

Actually, this could not be blamed on her. This was just the inevitable result of the disparity between the two.

She was originally not a truly smart person, but she also liked to play smart.

This meant that

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