Chapter 33: Murder
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 33: Murder

Guo Xi was too busy to care about other things at this time.

Although his cultivation realm was not low, having to face Chi Ganquan and Yan Ruoshui's teaming up, even if it was him, he would not be having an easy time too.

Controlling the compass to continuously block that armored immortal's attacks over and over again, Guo Xi poked his head out to look at Chi Ganquan and said in a cold voice, "Chi Ganquan, do you really think that you can hide the matter of killing me? Let me tell you, if I were to really die here, that sect behind you will definitely pay the price!"

His voice was very cold. After Chi Ganquan who was holding that bronze mirror heard that, he nearly lost his wits.

What he was worried about in the beginning was this. Killing Guo Xi might be easy, but how to conceal things after killing him was a big problem. After all, as an important disciple of Three Streams Manor, Guo Xi must have some unknown magic weapon on him. At that time, he might be able to transmit today's matters to Three Streams Manor in its entirety. At that time, even if they killed Guo Xi, it would be hard to escape Three Streams Manor's blame too.

Just as Chi Ganquan was feeling a little uneasy, Yan Ruoshui laughed coldly, "I've already set up the Sky Mesh Trap here. No news can be transmitted out!"

Hearing the three words Sky Mesh Trap, Chi Ganquan instantly felt relieved. That was the South Heaven Sect's secret treasure. Once there was this item here, it would be impossible for any news to transmit out within the range of this item.

Many people knew about this secret treasure among the southern qi refiner lineage.

For Yan Ruoshui to be able to bring it out at this moment, it was sufficient to prove that when she came out, the South Heaven Sect already foresaw that such a thing might happen today.

Guo Xi glanced over at the other side. Chen Chao was currently fighting with that woman. The situation looked incomparably perilous, but Guo Xi was very clear that the young warden was clearly hiding his strengt

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