Chapter 294.1: Ten Thousand Miles of Blizzard - Part 1
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 294.1: Ten Thousand Miles of Blizzard - Part 1

Although the old nun was also a formidable cultivator, facing this Nepenthe Realm cultivator in front of her, she had no strength to resist at all. After a moment, she lost all hope, and her expression became lifeless, unable to give rise to any thought of resistance.

The blue-robed man glanced at the old nun, and the killing intent in his eyes seemed to turn corporeal, as if it would overflow from his eyes in the next moment and take away her life.

"I only want an answer. If you really don't want to give it to me, then I'll really send you to your death."

The blue-robed man said incredibly seriously. When he looked at the old nun, he appeared incomparably serious.

The old nun was silent for a long time, unwilling to speak.

The blue-robed man said, "I really can't think of any reason for you to refuse me. Your elder sister didn't treat you as a sister, and your brother-in-law even prevented you from seeing your sister for the last time. If I were you, I'd definitely make them pay a great price!"

The old nun still remained silent, but a struggling look already appeared between her brows.

The blue-robed man said indifferently, "Do you know how history will record you?"

The old nun said coolly, "I'm just a woman, why should I care what history says about me?"

The blue-robed man looked at her and said, "Then, will your name be in her volume in the history books?"

Originally, the old nun's heart had gradually become firm. When she heard this, her expression suddenly became ugly. She looked up at the man in the blue robe, her eyes flashing with various emotions, ultimately turning into confusion.

In the Great General's manor back then, she and the queen, who was still a teenager, were very close sisters. The deep bond between them was beyond imagination for outsiders. If not for this, how could she have chosen to work tirelessly for her in the Divine Capital when the current Great Liang Emperor rose in rebellion?

In fact, it could be said that the old nun's willingness to do so much back then was never for hi

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Translator Notes

[1. The words can be sir/teacher. In english speaking countries, calling an adult male 'sir' is normal. But in chinese, a kid will usually call 'big brother/uncle/mister', rarely 'sir'.]