Chapter 293.2: Shamelessly Seeking Personal Gain - Part 2
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 293.2: Shamelessly Seeking Personal Gain - Part 2

However, because the women practicing asceticism in this nunnery had unusual backgrounds, these luxuries seemed ordinary.

Alongside the sound of cooking emanating from the kitchen, there were also hushed discussions among some young nuns.

"Who's turn is it to deliver food to that person today? Got to be careful."

"It's Xiaoyu today. This girl is meticulous, perhaps she won't make any mistakes."

"Do you think the maids who were beaten before were punished because they made mistakes? It was intentional. If you don't make mistakes, you won't be beaten?"

"Sigh, it was fine before. Since the Empress..."

"Don't speak. Quickly shut your mouth. How can we discuss such matters?"

As the voices gradually faded away, a delicate-looking young nun emerged from the kitchen carrying a food container. She headed towards the courtyard in the westernmost part. Many young nuns cast sympathetic glances her way when they saw this scene. The nuns who were sweeping away snow could not help but sigh.

The nun named Xiaoyu kept her head low, obscuring her expression.

She traversed the long corridor, walking a long distance until she reached a chamber. Then, she knocked on the door gently.

The door suddenly opened with a creak.

Xiaoyu walked in.

A moment later, a series of cussing erupted from the chamber, accompanied by the shattering of porcelain.

The noise was extremely loud, audible to many. Yet, no one dared to pay attention or say anything. They just continued with their tasks. Some simply looked over with sympathy, but were similarly silent.

It was unclear how much time passed.

The young nun came out, her face marked with a distinct handprint.

Her hands were covered in wounds, but no fresh blood dripped. Instead, she had caught it with her clothes.

The chamber was in disarray, an elderly nun sat withered on a cushion, her eyes filled with endless resentment.

She naturally could not be called old, traces of her youthful charm still lingered on her face, with only two faint wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. Yet, her

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