Chapter 290.3: His Majesty, the Emperor - Part 3
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 290.3: His Majesty, the Emperor - Part 3

The Dean chuckled. He had known this long ago. He was well aware of this student's temperament. Despite appearing mild normally, his personality was actually extremely stubborn. Once he decided on something, he naturally would not change it. He would not listen to advice and would not actively share with others as well.

Since he had already taken the initiative to say that he could not say it, the Dean did not press further. Instead, he said with a smile, "The night snow is beautiful. Warm two jugs of wine for a drink."

After saying this, the Dean took the initiative to walk towards the center of the lake, while Wei Xu turned to prepare the stove and wine.

Before long, the two met again under the pavilion. The Dean then asked Wei Xu to sit down.

The stove was placed on the stone table, bringing waves of warmth to the two.

Wei Xu poured a bowl of wine for the Dean and was about to get up.

The Dean said indifferently, "The two of us teacher and disciple haven't seem to have enjoyed a good drink in a long time."

Wei Xu was taken aback, then immediately understood his teacher's meaning. He did not get up but poured himself a bowl of wine, remaining silent.

"Years ago, when I met you, I said that it doesn't matter whether we scholars are smart or not, but it's important not to be too scheming, nor think too much about things. Living this way isn't enjoyable, and it will also be challenging to understand the true meaning when studying books."

After taking a sip of wine, the Dean said faintly, "You have high cultivation talent, and you're smart. Unfortunately, you were born into the Wei Family. Living in a prestigious family is tiring, and you also think too much. If you don't pull out early, how many more years do you think you can be a scholar?"

Wei Xu had no reaction. He just drank a sip of wine, placed the wine bowl down, and then spoke softly, "Teacher is right, but this student cannot do as Teacher wishes."

The Dean held his wine bowl, and said with a smile, "No need to force it. When I, the so-called lea

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