Chapter 290.2: His Majesty, the Emperor - Part 2
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 290.2: His Majesty, the Emperor - Part 2

Deep into the night, the Dean inexplicably woke up in the middle of the night. This dean, the leader of scholars under the heavens, was not actually not considered a diligent cultivator. Back when he was studying at the academy and was fortunate enough to be accepted as a disciple by the previous dean, he often skipped classes. Yet, he was an exceptionally gifted individual; well-versed in the teachings of sages and the various schools of thought. Despite the previous dean's numerous attempts to impart the profound understanding that there was no limit in the world, and that there was always someone better, this young scholar would always manage to deflect those efforts with a cheeky smile.

After a few such attempts, the previous dean stopped worrying about it. He did not care whether this young man attended classes or not.

When the previous dean passed away, and the current Dean assumed the position, there was no one to supervise him anymore. Consequently, he became even more carefree in his actions. While he would occasionally still study, the Dean really did not take cultivation seriously. While most cultivators in the world would meditate and cultivate during the night, he would sleep peacefully like an ordinary person. Over the years, there had been no change in his routine.

However, tonight, he woke up when the night was still deep. When he tried to go back to sleep, he felt restless and could not shut his eyes anymore.

After a moment of silence, the Dean grabbed a handful of roasted soybeans from the bedside, and slowly got up. He left his residence, and strolled through the academy. Every few steps, the Dean would toss a roasted soybean into his mouth. Unconsciously, he arrived at the shore of the South Lake.

The Divine Capital had already entered winter. A heavy blizzard had occurred a few days ago, and now the academy was covered in a blanket of white. The South Lake had already frozen over.

The moon was exceptionally bright tonight, casting moonlight upon the lake, creating a silver sheen on the fr

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