Chapter 128: If He Wants to Meet You, How Will You Avoid?
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 128: If He Wants to Meet You, How Will You Avoid?

The honey dates bought at the shop on South Street that day tasted good. After bringing it back to the academy, Xie Nandu also thought they were pretty good. Hence, in the following days, Chen Chao went to buy them several more times. However, he went alone each time, without bringing Zhu Xia or Xie Nandu.

Each time, he bought two bags: one for Zhu Xia and the other was naturally for Xie Nandu.

He woke up early today, went to the shop on South Street, and joined the queue early on. However, when he arrived, many people were sizing him up. Someone in the snaking queue shouted, "Commander Chen is here to buy honey dates!"

Then, Chen Chao noticed that the civilians in front of him made way for him, creating a direct path for him, such that he could directly see the shop assistant of the South Street stall.

Chen Chao stood there, touching his head in confusion, and asked, "What's this?"

Seeing his expression, the civilians laughed one after another. A bold civilian said, "Commander Chen stood up for us Liang people that day. Us civilians remember Commander Chen's kindness. We can't help Commander Chen with anything else, but it will be unreasonable for Commander Chen to queue up and buy honey dates!"

As he spoke, many people joined in the laughter, especially those in front of him.

The foreign cultivators ran amuck in the Divine Capital, but no one could control them. The major government offices in the Divine Capital all turned a blind eye to the situation. Many civilians had long been displeased with this, but they had no means to deal with it, so they could only entrust it to the imperial court. It was just that the imperial court's response did not come, but Chen Chao stood up for them and vented their grievances on that day. Naturally, they were happy now. They had heard about the storms Chen Chao caused in the Divine Capital before and felt that Chen Chao was pretty good too. However, whether it was killing qi refiners in Tianqing County or defeating He Yi at the imperial banquet, those things were too far

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