Chapter 127: The Turbulent Wind Heralds a Rising Storm
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 127: The Turbulent Wind Heralds a Rising Storm

The incident that occurred at South Street's honey dates stall quickly spread. Even if the Left Guard had the intention of covering it up, there were simply too many civilians who witnessed the events. Naturally, it could not be concealed. While the Left Guard framed the incident as a dispute over honey dates between Zhu Xia, the saintess of the Myriad Heaven Palace, and the cultivators from Old Pine Mountain, the foreign cultivators chose to disregard such matters and instead focused their attention on Chen Chao.

This young commander from the borderlands of Great Liang had already stirred up enough storms in the Divine Capital. With his involvement, it was difficult for people to pay attention to anything else, even with the presence of the saintess of the Myriad Heaven Palace.

However, this time, the young cultivators from the foreign lands did not cause any further waves. Those young geniuses became very silent and no one dared to provoke Chen Chao anymore. Suddenly, the Divine Capital became quiet.

The wind and rain gradually subsided.

But in reality, this was merely the calm before the storm.

Everyone knew that the true storm would surely emerge again one day.

And that day would be the Myriad Willow Convention.

Over where the Great Liang Dynasty arranged accommodations for the foreign cultivators, there was a lake. Although it was not as large as the South Lake, it was still considerable and boasted pleasant scenery.

This property was originally owned by several wealthy merchants from the previous dynasty. When the Great Liang Dynasty was established, the imperial court reclaimed this land and transformed it into a garden for the imperial family. After several decades, Emperor Lingzong granted this property to that deposed emperor as his personal asset. However, after the deposed emperor ascended the throne, this place was sealed off. But in just a few years, the Great Liang emperor seized power. After reorganizing the land, this place was entrusted to the Heavenly Imperial Institution to manage, all f

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