Chapter 126: There is Zhu Xia in the Human World
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 126: There is Zhu Xia in the Human World

The man's heart grew colder as he witnessed the girl becoming increasingly arrogant.

It only occurred to him now that since she already knew he was from Old Pine Mountain, but still did not care, she must come from an extraordinary background.

After a long silence, he suddenly thought of a possibility and asked tremblingly, "Are you Zhu Xia, the saintess of the Myriad Heaven Palace?"

When he opened his mouth to ask this question, he had only one thought in his mind: praying that the girl in front of him must not be the saintess of the Myriad Heaven Palace.

But things often turned out contrary to one's wishes.

The girl's voice quickly sounded out, "How did you know?"

Hearing these words, the woman who had been silent all along felt her head explode with a bang and fainted on the spot. The man also felt as if he had fallen into an icy abyss, his expression incredibly grim and filled with fear at the same time.

The disparity between Old Pine Mountain, a second-rate foreign land sect, and the Myriad Heaven Palace, a leader of one of the two lineages of Daoism, was truly immense.

To snatch the saintess' honey dates on the street could be a trivial matter or a major one. When trivializing it, it could be seen as young people messing around, no one would take it seriously. If it was escalated, it would be Old Pine Mountain looking down on the Myriad Heaven Palace. After all, he had made arrogant remarks that insulted the saintess.

The saintess represented the dignity of the Myriad Heaven Palace. Insulting the saintess naturally meant insulting the Myriad Heaven Palace itself.

The man's heart was ashen at this moment, unable to utter a word.

Provoking Chen Chao was still considered a minor matter. After all, this person's reputation among foreign cultivators was not good, so it would be considered just a provocation.

But how could Zhu Xia be someone that he could afford to provoke?

Seeing how these two people looked, Chen Chao felt contented in his heart and could not be bothered to think about whether they co

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