Chapter 120: Candles and Luminous Pearls
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 120: Candles and Luminous Pearls

Chen Chao's identity was indeed something many people both high and low wanted to know. Many had already spent time investigating, but they had not been able to uncover anything.

Tonight, taking advantage of Chen Chao's presence at the banquet, many in the Xie Family naturally wanted to know his true identity. So it was only natural for them to probe during the meal.

The old man looked at Chen Chao, dissatisfied with his previous answer. He said calmly, "Lying has always been a great taboo in the Xie Family."

Chen Chao smiled and said, "This junior isn't someone who enjoys lying either. However, in this mansion, it seems that lighting up a single candle isn't enough to illuminate the entire house."

The old man responded coldly, "In the Xie Family, we don't need candles for illumination."

Only after hearing the old man say this, did Chen Chao belatedly look around and noticed that there was not a single candle in this Xie Family's great hall. Instead, it was full of uniform-sized luminous pearls. The light from those luminous pearls was too gentle and it actually made the hall seem as bright as day. This was the fundamental detail Chen Chao had failed to notice earlier.

Chen Chao lowered his head and picked up a bamboo shoot with his chopsticks. Placing it in his mouth, he chewed it quietly, savoring its freshness before he said softly, "This junior doesn't know what you mean exactly."

After saying these words, even Chen Chao himself sighed quietly.

In front of this old man, he had been defeated. The old man had lived for so long and it was not in vain. When it came to people's hearts and scheming, he was definitely stronger.

Now that it was made clear, Chen Chao could be considered to have conceded in the initial stage.

The old man was reluctant to clarify the matter and instead said, "Candles are something that would never appear in the Xie Family."

Chen Chao glanced at Xie Nandu. The latter remained silent as if she had not heard anything.

Chen Chao could only say, "If the candles were large enough, p

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