Chapter 121: Next to Wei River
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 121: Next to Wei River

The most important place in this Xie Family was actually not this seemingly forbidding ancestral hall, but that small house next to the ancestral hall. The old man stood respectfully under the tree and began to speak. He quickly recounted the stories that happened tonight to the old person inside the house.

He spoke slowly throughout, as if afraid that the old person inside would not be able to hear clearly. By the time he finished speaking, half an incense stick's worth of time had already passed.

At this moment, an aged voice emanated from inside the room, "That young man said he grew up by the Wei River and there was nothing special about him?"

"Yes, there was a trace of emotion at his glabella when he spoke. I could tell he was telling the truth."

The old man said softly, "We haven't found anything so far. Perhaps he really is an ordinary teen, he's just a little luckier..."

Before the old man could finish speaking, a peal of derisive laughter came from inside, "An ordinary teen who's just a little luckier? Do you believe the words that you said? If he's really an ordinary teen, his background would have already been stacked on my desk at this time. His 18 generations of ancestors should be clear as day."

Hearing this, the old man quickly found himself drenched in cold sweat.

He dared not speak and just stood quietly in place.

The old person said with some annoyance, "Making you probe that young man is so that you two can contrast and complement each other. After all, you're much smarter than him too. Scram, go to the accounting room to collect some things."

Upon hearing the words 'accounting room,' the old man's expression turned extremely ugly, with a lot of painful emotions in his eyes. Except, he did not dare to say anything. He silently bowed in salute, then withdrew without making a sound.

Watching him leave, that old person sitting in front of the ancestral hall glanced at the small house over there.

Before long, some footsteps sounded, and the door of the house was pushed open. A tall elderly

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