Chapter 95: Snapping the Scourge
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 95: Snapping the Scourge

“The Scourge of God is here!”

“It’s the blood twin-headed eagle!”

A furious storm was brewing in Milan.

Commanders roared at the top of their lungs as they kicked their soldiers to get in place.

Clergymen walked among the soldiers to spray holy water and pray for them.

Fanatics shouted ‘We shall ascend to heaven’ as they donned their armor, looking as if they couldn’t wait to charge into the battlefield to pit their lives against their enemies.

Panicked mercenaries kissed their charms and drew a cross in front of them, praying to the Lord to protect them.

The Church had announced that this was the ultimate battle to decide the world’s fate, the final test the Lord was giving to all his believers.

While the troops were preparing for war, the Duke of Milan crouched on the city wall, staring at the approaching army in disbelief. He struggled to come to terms with the situation.

“How did the Scourge of God get here?! Venezia-Giulia is right in front of us, but I didn’t hear news of them being taken down! The direction which the Scourge of God is attacking from isn’t correct either,” he murmured.

“Could he have crossed the Alps?” someone beside him suggested.

The Duke of Milan looked over and saw a familiar face. He greeted with a bow, “Regent.”

It was England’s regent.

England’s king had been having psychotic episodes, which stoked the regent’s ambitions to take his place, but he faced vehement oppositions from the nobles and the officials. Thus, he thought of voluntarily participating in the Holy War to raise his prestige.

However, England’s regent was vehemently opposed to fighting alongside the French due to their ‘friendly ties’, so he brought his army to Milan instead.

“Given the direction he’s coming from, the Scourge of God likely traveled across the Alps,” England’s regent said with a nod.

“In this season?” The Duke of Milan’s head was ringing. “Isn’t he afraid of him and his men dying in the snowstorm?!”

Mountainous paths were uncrossable during snowstorms. There had been a famous Carthaginian general named Ha

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