Chapter 94: Conjuring Troops
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 94: Conjuring Troops

In one of the passes in the Alps…

“Is there a need to be so serious?” the soldier, who had just arrived to take over the shift, saw the soldier before him staring nervously at the white snowfield, so he asked mirthfully.

“The Scourge of God is now rampaging in the Holy Romain Empire,” the soldier on shift replied worriedly. “They are all saying that once he’s done with Holy Romain, he’ll set his eyes on Italy. We, the soldiers guarding these passes, will be the first to bear the brunt of the impact.”

“Surely not,” the soldier taking over the shift replied, “Even if the Scourge of God attacks, he should be attacking from the Venezia Giuliana area. It’s currently snowing heavily! The Scourge of God will have to fly to cross the Alps under such weather!”


“Hm?” The soldier taking over the shift noticed that the soldier on shift was shivering, so he passed a sack of wine over. “Are you cold? You should have worn more. Come have a swig to warm yourself up. I’ll take you out at night to find fun. I saw a beautiful farmer’s daughter just now. We can scare her with a knife and…”


The soldier on shift failed to take the sack of wine, so it fell to the ground. With a trembling finger, he pointed outward. “T-that…”

The soldier taking over the shift was stunned.

Surely not! This is the Alps, the treacherous snow mountain!

He quickly looked over, but instead of a huge army, he saw a single person on horseback, but this single person was more than enough to intimidate him.

“It’s the blood twin-headed eagle flag!” they screeched in horror.

A dashing white steed was charging across the steep snowy cliff. Its rider was carrying a glaring crimson flag that made their hearts race in fear.

“It’s the Scourge of God!”


While galloping across the snowy mountain, Shu Yichao raised his Jeweled Bow and released an arrow.


The arrow pierced through one of the soldiers’ eyes.


Watching his comrade being pinned to the wall horrified the other soldier. He quickly ducked from the battlement, fearing that he would become

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