Chapter 65: You Can’t Surrender
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 65: You Can’t Surrender

Constantinope’s nobles were panicking.

They had previously wanted to collude with the Venetians and the Patriarch to drag the Augustus down from his throne. Who could have thought that the Venetians would first meet their end?

Unreliable allies indeed!

To make things worse, the Ottomains had met their end too, or else they could have at least reached out to the Ottomains for help.

All of their cards had been depleted.

The Khitan Caesar had already slaughtered his way to Bursa, which was not far from Constantinope anymore. The nobles were afraid they were next on the Khitan Caesar’s list.

It was true they had wanted to topple the Augustus, but what if the Khitan Caesar thought that they had betrayed the empire?

They had already heard about how the Khitan Caesar had zero interest in gathering evidence and going through the litigation process. He would outright kill anyone whom he suspected of opposing the Eastern Romain Empire.

The nobles would usually vehemently protest against such unreasonable actions, but the Khitan Caesar couldn’t care less about that. If anything, it felt like he would have welcomed that since it would allow him to root all of them in a single swoop!

The situation was clear.

They were no match for the Khitan Caesar, and it was doubtful that they could escape from his clutches even if they tried to flee. Thus, all of the officials and nobles brainstormed together and thought of a plan…

Why don’t we eliminate the mercenaries lurking in the Golden Horn? Those people plundered the Khitan Caesar’s treasury and stole his spices, sugar, silk, porcelain, and other items. Those are definitely worth a huge fortune.

If they helped the Khitan Caesar recoup his fortune, the latter should at least spare them, right? Otherwise, who would dare surrender to him?

They immediately got to action.

In the first place, they were in cahoots with the Venetians and the mercenaries, so it didn’t take much effort for them to dupe the unguarded mercenaries to shore…

A bloodbath ensued.

Looking at the mercenaries lying in

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