Chapter 64: What It Means to Surrender First
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 64: What It Means to Surrender First

“Enemy attack!”

“It’s the Khitans!”

“Brothers, charge alongside me!”

To the background of deafening roars, over a thousand Elite Horse Archers unleashed multiple barrages of arrows before they raised their scimitars and accompanied Shu Yichao on a charge toward the smoking Ottomain barracks.

Boom boom boom!

The thunderous stomping from thousands of hooves shook the ground. It only took moments for the Elite Horse Archers to breach the Ottomains’ defense, popping their sweet little dream.

“How did it turn out like this?!”

The Ottomain Regent couldn’t believe his eyes.

He had rushed to Bursa and set up his barracks outside the city, ready to negotiate with the nobles in the city, when Shu Yichao’s army suddenly arrived.

He thought that this was a chance to test out Shu Yichao, so he led a portion of his army to cross blows with the latter…

…it was an utter defeat.

The vanguard force he had dispatched swiftly crumbled, and Shu Yichao proceeded to charge straight into their barracks. In just a few moments, the barracks went up in flames.

War drums boomed as the commanders roared orders in an attempt to put the situation under control. Weapons clanged against one another amidst battle cries. It was an utter cacophony.

Just like that, the Ottomain Regent’s 15,000-men army was destroyed.

Little did the Ottomain Regent know that Shu Yichao was at a loss for words too.

Of your 15,000 troops, only 6000 to 7000 of them are frontline soldiers, and most of them are footmen. There are barely hundreds of cavalrymen in your formation… and you dare to engage me with such a line-up?

Forget it, the computer AI always makes dumb decisions…

In the Beacons of the Otherworld, Shu Yichao had also encountered situations where a group of 20 bandits dared to confront his army of 500 armored cavalrymen.

Who cares what the AI is thinking? I’ll just beat all of them down.

So, the Ottomain Regent and his son died in battle.

Not only was the reinforcement that Bursa was counting on was completely crushed, but it also brought down the morale of t

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