Chapter 31: Even More Ridiculous
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 31: Even More Ridiculous

“Ah?” The military commanders stared at Pasha Callerga incredulously as if they couldn’t believe that he had just suggested such a thing.

“Big brother, the Khitans just killed our Sultana.”

The Second Imperial Consort couldn’t believe what she had heard too. She did harbor feelings for Momoana and wanted to avenge her, just that there were other priorities at hand. It seemed overboard for them to make peace with the Khitans after what had happened.

“We have no choice,” Pasha Callerga said in frustration. “There’s no way to guard this city, but the Khitans are going to be charging in at any moment. We’re at a critical juncture to decide the next successor. We have to appease the Khitans one way or another.

“The Morean army that supports us is on its way. Similarly, the Albanian army that supports the First Imperial Consort will be arriving very soon—they are much closer to the capital!

“The Morean army numbers 20,000, whereas the Albanian army has less than 10,000 men. They won’t be a match for us in a direct confrontation. So, what we have to do now is to stall till the arrival of the Morean army.

“Trust me. It’ll be beneficial to us if we appease the Khitans and eliminate the First Imperial Consort and the Fifth Imperial Consort. There’s no shame in lowering our head for the bigger picture.

“Conversely, if we choose to hold onto our pride…”

Pasha Callerga’s voice suddenly deepened. “The First Imperial Consort might beat us to negotiating with the Khitans and even acquire their support. It’d be the end of us once that happens.”

A brief moment of silence later, all of the nobles present agreed to his plan.

Thus, Pasha Callerga came up with a list of requests before calling some eunuchs over.

1. The Ottomains shall cease hostilities against the Romains, including ongoing attacks on Romain territories and its lockdown on the Bosphorus Strait.

2. All villages, cities, and fortresses on the Thrace Plains that are in Constantinope’s vicinity will be ceded to Romie.

3. 500 pounds of gold and 1000 pounds of silver will

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