Chapter 30: Caving In
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 30: Caving In

Against Shu Yichao’s purging of Thrace Plains, the Ottomains…

…had no response at all.

Momoana had mobilized nearly all of the deployable soldiers to siege Constantinople. As a symbol of her determination to win the war, she had practically brought her entire court to the frontlines.

Yet, the battle abruptly ended with Momoana’s death. Hardly any of the nobles and officials of her court managed to escape the ensuing slaughter too.

Shu Yichao’s ‘Night Fighter’ talent enhancement and System 12345’s vitality pills allowed the Elite Horse Archers to tirelessly pursue the Ottomains, be it day or night. Nobles who had lived comfortable lives couldn’t possibly have the stamina to outrun them.

Thus, most of them became additional funds to Shu Yichao under his talent ‘Scraping It Clean’.

When the Ottomain Empire learned that Sultana Momoana had died in Constantinope, it fell paralyzed like a humongous snake that had its head lopped off.

Days passed before the remaining pillars supporting the Ottomain Empire finally snapped out of their daze and made their moves.

The first thing everyone had to make sense of was who was a friend and who was an enemy. The Ottomain Empire had a culture of fratricide, where it was almost customary for a new sultan taking over the crown to massacre all of their siblings.

One sultan in the history of the Ottomain Empire even declared, “I cannot determine how many children my father has, but I can decide how many siblings I have once I take the throne.”

When news about Momoana’s death reached Edirne, her widowed consorts tacitly decided to put aside avening the deceased sultana for the time being and focus on killing the other princes and princesses first.

Some might ask how it was possible for beautiful women to have children together, but such a thing was perfectly normal in an otherworld. It was redundant to fuss over the details.

Thus, Momoana’s son and daughters began pitting their forces against one another, thus ushering in a period of internal turmoil.

Most of them were still young, with t

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