Chapter 105: Mystical Prophecy
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 105: Mystical Prophecy


Stabbed, Charlemagne roared like a wild beast. She frenziedly swung the scepter in her hand, hoping to strike Shu Yichao.

However, the latter understood that a wild beast was the most dangerous when it was injured. He had already released his red-tasseled spear and darted off.

“Damn it! DAMN IT!!!”

In her berserk state, Charlemagne grabbed the red-tasseled spear that had impaled her abdomen. “Don’t think that you have defeated me like that!”


Rage bestowed Charlemagne with incredible destructive prowess. She snapped the red-tasseled spear into two with her sheer strength!

One had to know that this was no ordinary spear—Shu Yichao often used it to skewer rows of armored soldiers!


Charlemagne spat out blood. Holding onto the half-broken end of the red-tasseled spear, she searched the room with her red eyes for Shu Yichao’s silhouette.

“Where are you?! You despicable little brat! I dare you not to run!”

Then, she saw a cold gleam in her peripheral vision…

Shu Yichao, as a veteran gamer with years under his belt, understood the importance of ensuring that the boss was dead. While Charlemagne was raging earlier, he rolled toward her sword to grab it before using it to slit her throat!


Charlemagne collapsed onto the ground, with fresh blood trickling from her neck.

She felt a mix of hot and cold. Her limbs were unbearably heavy. Slowly, darkness enveloped her vision.

“Hah!” Knowing she was in her final moments, Charlemagne sneered in self-derision.

The Scourge of God.

That fellow has no interest whatsoever in being the one true ruler or the conqueror chosen by the Lord. He must have known that those were empty glory.

How laughable that I, for these things, have always…

“It’s all a dream. What a pathetic fool…”

It was hard to tell whom she was talking about.

Following Charlemagne’s death, the golden sphere she had used to control others suddenly lit up with a new luster. It was silently inviting its new host, as if whispering…

Come, the new great conqueror. Pick me up. Accept your destiny.


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