Chapter 106: Conquering Europe
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 106: Conquering Europe

Shu Yichao self-identified as a fan of the Roman Empire, but it was just for fun.

Like most people, he just liked to use it as an in-game persona and simulate the resurgence of Rome, especially on completely unrelated maps. It added to the immersion of the game.

But when they were really playing on maps simulating the rise of Rome, most fans would choose to support Carthage and trash on Rome, or support Gaul and use Rome as an ATM, or stand with Diadochi and declare themselves the successors of Alexander the Great’s will.

There were even some who declared that the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire were considered Romans too, and they pulled all sorts of maneuvers.

Thus, Shu Yichao didn’t hesitate to plunder Eternal City Rome.

This city must be dripping with money. I should plunder it while I can.

“Don’t ask if we want gold, silver, or copper… We want it all!”

“Are those things in the square ancient sculptures? Are they legitimate or fakes?”

“Forget it, just dig them all out and sell it!”

“Oh hoh! Why is there such a huge jewel on your sword? Give it to me!”

“Which poet’s room is this? The ink bottle is actually made of gold! I’ll be taking it!”

“This study table… isn’t this agarwood? That’s expensive wood! Take it!”

“Why are these people still wearing fur? Rip it off their bodies!”

“Steeds? Whew, there are so many good steeds here. Take them for our brothers who have lost their steeds!”

At Shu Yichao’s order, his soldiers quickly combed through Eternal City Rome like an army of locusts. Be it Persian mats, ivory tools, gold containers, beautiful oil paintings, antiques, or silk clothing, all of them were swiped away.

These valuables were sold to Genoa and the other allied cities.

Many people were at a loss for words, as most of the items Shu Yichao were trying to sell to them were goods they had previously sold to Eternal City Rome. However, no one pointed out that fact to him.

There are better ways to die. There’s no need to court death insisting on this.

The sheer wealth that the Roman Catholic Church had

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