Chapter 85: Please, Save Him
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“Victoria, I have brought her here!”

In the midst of the battlefield, Ponte Ascart descended from the sky together with a young girl in his arms, landing into a shield formation formed by his trusted soldiers. Victoria quickly passed command rights over to her vice commander before rushing over to Ponte’s side.

Victoria looked very different from how she seemed back at the Labyrinth Villa. The usual lofty look on her face was nowhere to be seen; on the contrary, she looked deeply worried. As a member of the royal family, she lived her life with a mask. She would usually play the role of a graceful and obedient woman, but at this time, she was revealing her true emotions.

As easy as it might have seemed for Ponte to strut into the middle of the enemy camp alone, it was, in reality, a mission fraught with danger. Both Prince Wade and Marquess Felder possessed powers that rivaled Ponte. Nevertheless, using his advantages as a magician of the Hextongue Faction, he still managed to shake them off with ease. His valiant exploits had not just made Roel’s heart pump in excitement, but it had also further captured a certain woman’s heart and boosted the morale of his allies.

“Welcome back, teacher. What’s wrong with this child?”

Victoria heaved a sigh of relief on the inside after seeing Ponte landing safely on the ground before turning her sights toward the young girl he was holding under his arm. When she saw that the possessor of the royal bloodline was actually a female, she snatched the young girl over from Ponte’s hands without any hesitation.

While Ponte was an upright man, as the saying went, there was no human without some sort of peculiar fetish. Due to the cost of his spells, his preferences in women were fully exposed to Victoria, and this was also Victoria’s greatest trump card in keeping Ponte in check.

Yes, she knew that Ponte liked flat-chested, petite women. So far, from her observations, it didn’t seem like Ponte was actually into children, but still, better safe than sorry, right?

On the other hand, Pont

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