Chapter 577: Reward
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【Ding!】 【Bloodline awakening successful.】

The setting sun cast its orange glow upon the world, scattering the last tinge of its warmth before its descent. In the tree hollow where a venomous serpent lurked, Roel opened his eyes upon being awakened by the System’s notification.


Through the cracks between the leaves, he dazedly stared at the final embers of the setting sun as he slowly regained his senses. The first thing he noticed was that the unbearable heat that was on the verge of melting him down had been replaced with a wave of refreshing coolness.

The tree leaves rustled under the night breeze.

Roel made use of the lingering daylight to assess the outside world. His extremely sharp vision allowed him to perceive even the veins of the leaves on faraway trees.

Moments later, his face darkened.

He keenly noticed that the grass in the distance had considerably lessened, as if many people had trampled on the same land and unwittingly paved it into a path. There were bones and armor fragments lying around. Humans wouldn’t have ventured into this place, so they could have only been the victims who were taken as ‘rations’ by the deviants.

Did another army enter the forest? Roel wondered with a frown.

Since the first batch of deviants, he had seen two more waves of armies that numbered beyond ten thousand. Taking into account the time he had fallen asleep, there had to be at least tens of thousands of deviants in the southern area of Tark Prairie at this very moment.

It was a relief that the enemy didn’t know his exact location, or else his head would have rolled off his neck by now. Even so, his heart was still heavy. He knew that it was only a matter of time before the deviants found him.

The Collector would never allow a dangerous variable like him to safely return. He had to make his escape soon, or else it was only a matter of time before the Savior’s worshipers found him. To make things worse, the deviants had likely formed an encirclement around the forest, evident from the flying patterns of the

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