Chapter 513.2: Start With Ten Draws (2)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 513.2: Start With Ten Draws (2)

Roel opened his eyes to an empty room.

Looking out of the window, he noticed that the afternoon sun had dimmed considerably. He took a quick glance at the hanging clock and saw that two hours had passed since he fell asleep. Even so, he didn’t rush to get up right away.

Instead, he pinched the center of his brows to dispel his grogginess before slowly organizing the information he had gathered from the conversation he had had with Grandar.

Without a doubt, he had gathered plenty of explosively shocking information from Grandar this time around. In particular, the knowledge about the cause of Grandar’s death and his stance on the Savior had further deepened the trust between the two of them.

It was a fruitful visit.

After he was done organizing his thoughts, Roel looked at his hanging clock once more and knew that it was about time for him to head to his next appointment. There was more than one ancient god he had to visit today.

Recalling the words Charlotte had said prior to her departure, Roel rose to his feet and headed to the glasshouse where Charlotte was fond of having her tea at. Before he could enter the glasshouse, a maid stopped him and informed him about the situation inside.

“Lord Roel, our young miss is asleep inside.”

“Got it,” Roel replied with a nod.

He spent a moment in thought before ordering the maid to bring a blanket over.

Three months had passed since he left Saint Freya Academy to chase after Charlotte’s convoy, and the seasons had moved from autumn to winter. While Rosa had a warmer climate, being located closer to the north, the temperature would still plummet in the late afternoon.

Worried that Charlotte might catch a cold, Roel took the blanket from the maid and quietly entered the glasshouse. He soon spotted Charlotte napping away on a soft reclining chair with Grace standing guard beside her.

Grace acknowledged Roel’s presence with a polite nod before she excused herself from the room. Her tactfulness left Roel feeling weirdly sheepish, but he didn’t stop her from leaving.

He slowly made his way toward Charlotte and soon fell in a daze staring at her.

Even when dozing off, Charlotte’s charms didn’t diminish in the slightest. Her fair skin and exquisite facial features made her look like a delicately sculpted artwork, carrying the flair of a masterpiece. She gave off an air of tranquil beauty different from her usual graceful disposition, and it left Roel spellbound for a while.

Fortunately, Roel was able to quickly snap out of his daze and recall his purpose here.

He first assessed the temperature in the glasshouse, which made him frown a little. It would have been an apt temperature for most transendents, but he thought that the temperature ought to be adjusted a little higher given that Charlotte had only just recovered from her illness.

Thus, he opened up the blanket and gently placed it on the sleeping auburn-haired woman. Much to his surprise, as soon as the blanket touched her, Charlotte’s emerald eyes began to flutter open.

The moment their eyes met, Roel’s movements stiffened up and he subconsciously tried to apologize to her. However, before he could say a word, Charlotte had already leaned in to kiss him on his cheek.


The sudden kiss left Roel dazedly blinking his eyes as he struggled to comprehend what was going on. On the other hand, Charlotte calmly greeted him as if nothing was out of place.

“Morning, darling.”

Charlotte leaned back on the reclining chair and flashed him a sleepy smile. Roel was both amused and charmed by her little gestures, and affection began pouring out of his heart.

“As much as I enjoyed the kiss, I’m afraid that it isn’t morning anymore.”


Charlotte tilted her head in confusion at those words.

Roel was in a dilemma, uncertain whether he should allow Charlotte return to sleep. To his relief, he didn’t have to make the decision as her emerald eyes swiftly regained their spirit as she looked at Roel and the greenery around her.

She quickly remembered something and muttered.

“If you’re here… it means that you have finished speaking to Lord Grandar?”

“Mmhm, we just ended our conversation not too long ago. The maid outside told me you’re asleep, so I got someone to get a blanket.”

“I see. Thank you, darling, but I don’t think I’ll continue sleeping.”

Charlotte touched the blanket on her as she thanked Roel with a smile. There was an expectant twinkle in her eyes when she heard that Roel was done with his business.

“So, we’re going ahead with our original plan to meet Peytra?”

“Yes, I wish to meet Lord Peytra.”

Charlotte expressed her intention before calling for Grace. A few moments later, a group of maids marched into the glasshouse and started tidying up her appearance.

While Roel often interacted with Peytra in a casual manner reminiscent of family members, Charlotte believed that she ought to maintain a respectul attitude toward the goddess given that they weren’t as close. Due to that, she was particularly fussy about her appearance.

After half an hour of preparations, Roel finally released his mana to summon the Primordial Earth Goddess.

In Roel’s previous world, it wasn’t uncommon for couples to pay a visit temples and pray to the Guanyin for a child. There was a similar practice in the Sia Continent too back in the olden days, just that the deity whom they prayed to was the Primordial Earth Goddess instead.

Well, I don’t know how effective praying to Guanyin is, but praying to the Primordial Earth Goddess definitely works. For favored customers, she even offers special one-to-one service that guarantees satisfaction!

When Peytra finally appeared in the form of a small golden snake, Charlotte’s excitement practically shot through the roof. The two of them spent a while conversing about their issues, and Peytra merrily accepted her request.

As someone who had witnessed Roel and Charlotte’s relationship, Peytra had wanted to bestow Charlotte with her blessing for a long time now, but Roel was always too busy to connect them. Now that Charlotte was taking the initiative to make the request, there was no way she would turn her down.

With one hoping to have a child and the other eager to help, the two of them were soon excitedly chattering away about child bearing.

As for Roel… there was completely no room for him to join their conversation at all, so whatever opinion he had naturally didn’t matter. He was effectively nothing more than a mana jug to sustain Peytra’s summoning at this point.

Peytra even personally inspected Charlotte’s body to determine her exact condition, but alarmingly, her expression turned grim afterward.

“Things look a little troublesome.”

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“What’s wrong, Peytra?”

“I have underestimated just how extreme the constitution of high elves are. The Primordial Bloodline inside this child’s body is way too pure…” Peytra sighed softly after inspecting a sample of Charlotte’s blood.

To put it plainly, it was a situation that was similar to reproductive isolation.

The High Elf Bloodline was one of the noblest bloodline of the Sia Continent. Similar to other bloodlines, the purer an individual’s bloodline was, the more power they could draw from it.

However, this also came with its own cons. A higher level of purity of Primordial Bloodline spelled a greater deviation from one’s human self in favor of their lineage. In other words, while Charlotte appeared to be a human on the surface, she was practically a high elf from her bloodline.

Needless to say, the chances of a high elf bearing a child with a human were extremely slim.

“What can we do?”

“There’s no need to worry. My blessing can occasionally neutralize the effect of reproductive isolation between the two of you.”


“It ultimately boils down to luck. You can think of it as a lottery. What you have to do is very simple…”

The Primordial Earth Goddess looked at the young couple before her and flashed them a motherly smile.

“Let’s first start with ten draws.”

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