Chapter 436.1: Would You Remember Me? (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 436.1: Would You Remember Me? (1)

It was a heart-stopping night, but both Roel and Nora had overcome their own trials and defeated their mortal nemesis. When they returned to the familiar wooden house and looked at each other in the eye, they found many emotions swelling in their hearts.

As Nora stared at Roel, she noticed something that surprised her.

“You’ve reached Origin Level 3?”

“Yes. Thanks to that, I was able to defeat my enemy.”

“Ahh… I thought that I would be able to suppress you with my latest breakthrough, but it looks like we’re even again?”

Nora puffed up her cheeks indignantly, not concealing her emotions at all. However, she thought about what Roel just said and heaved a sigh of relief.

“But the most important thing is that we’re both safe. Congratulations on your breakthrough.”

“I should be the one saying that. Origin Level 3 might be a tough hurdle to overcome, but that’s nothing compared to your Gold Bloodline. Not to mention, you even made a double breakthrough,” replied Roel as he shook his head helplessly.

Nora’s breakthroughs in her bloodline and Origin Level had refreshed Roel’s understanding of the ‘chosen one’. Her fighting prowess was likely to have grown to a ridiculous level, to the point where Roel dared not say that he could stably win against her.

The Angel King’s powerful assimilation and decimation attributes were something that even Roel’s ancient gods were unable to dispel, which meant that it could be safely said that there were no common counters against it. Any defense would be easily rendered meaningless before Nora’s abilities.

Roel’s heart was put at ease, knowing how powerful Nora had become.

However, a question swiftly emerged in his head. He vaguely remembered that Nora’s bloodline wasn’t this powerful in Eyes of the Chronicler.

There wasn’t any detailed description about Nora’s bloodline awakening in the game, but he was certain that she didn’t gain such cheat abilities. The most direct evidence he could think of was how the in-game Nora specialized in swordsmanship after her bloodline awakening, but to the current Nora, weapons were nothing more than extraneous ornaments.

It was indubitably good news that Nora was more powerful than expected, but Roel was a little concerned because he wasn’t fully certain of the cause behind the divergence. It was highly likely that the cause stemmed from him, but he didn’t recall doing anything in that regard.

Unable to figure out anything, he shook his head and tossed the question to the back of his mind.

Slowly, both Roel and Nora became cognizant of their surroundings. The house they were previously living in was reduced to a mess due to Nora’s earlier rampaging mana, but what was more concerning was the congregation of nervous mana pulsations coming from outside.

Roel and Nora quickly tidied up their clothes before walking out of the house. The moment the two of them stepped out and appeared before the crowd safe and sound, cheers broke out from the crowd.

Delight and relief could be seen on the faces of heretics and inquisitors alike. The confirmation of Nora’s safety meant that their mission was a grand success.

The Saint Mesit Theocracy was spared from an impending internal, and the church would remain firmly under the control of the Xeclydes. Their dead comrades would finally be able to rest in peace, knowing that their sacrifice hadn’t been in vain.

Nora waved her hand at the cheering crowd, and they swiftly settled down. Hanks stepped forward as the representative of the group to report on the outcome of the battle.

The intense battle between Roel’s group and the evil cultists of the Connoisseur Guild earlier had resulted in heavy casualties on their side. Nora fell into a heavy mood upon hearing the news, but Hanks and Roel looked composed in comparison.

In their view, it was already a miracle that they were still alive given the scale of the enemy they faced earlier on. They couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.

While the evil cultists of the Connoisseur Guild were a loose group of misfits—not even a skilled military commander like Bryan Elric could teach their cooperation—their individual prowess was not to be made light of. There was no lack of notorious high transcendents amongst them, such that their overall strength was superior to that of the heretics and the inquisitors combined.

This showed just how powerful the Connoisseur Guild had grown while biding its time in the shadows of the Theocracy.

Fortunately, it was all over now.

Those involved in the ambush, including Bryan Elric, were likely to be high-ranking members of the Connoisseur Guild. It was a do-or-die attack, after all. Bryan Elric wouldn’t possibly have held back for this crucial step.

As a result, their defeat here would inflict a crushing blow to the Connoisseur Guild.

Furthermore, one of the key reasons why the Connoisseur Guild had been able to grow right under the eyes of the Genesis Goddess Church was due to the interference of the Elric House. The Elrics had been concealing its trail using its vast network of connections, making it hard for the church to track the evil cultists down.

Now that the Connoisseur Guild lost its greatest shield, it was only a matter of time before the church rooted out its remnants.

The thought of these reminded Roel of a matter. After they listened to Hanks’ report, he led Nora to the place where Bryan died and told her about the final conversation they had.

It was not out of pity for Bryan that he was doing this. Bryan’s parting words wouldn’t undo the atrocities the Elrics had committed in the shadows over the years. He just thought that Nora had the right to know the outcome of the knight who once loyally served her ancestor.

Nora stared at Bryan’s corpse, but there wasn’t even a tinge of sentimentality on her face. Her reaction intrigued Roel.

“You don’t pity him?” he asked.

“Pity? I have already lost all pity for him from the moment he dared to draw his blade against you. I just feel a little wistful… Two hundred years, huh?” Nora said with a sigh.

She raised her head and looked at Roel.

“Would you remember me for that long too?”


The abrupt question caught Roel off guard. He took a moment to think about it before shaking his head. Nora’s eyes narrowed sharply at his response, but the latter followed up with a calm explanation.

“Memories are only for those who have parted ways. There’s no need for that between us. I’ll always be by your side.”


Nora found her heartbeat hastening. Her cheeks slowly turned red, and her lips began quivering. She felt like she ought to say something in response, but nothing good came to mind.

She quickly checked her surroundings and heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that no one else was in the vicinity.

The next moment, the saintly white shackles suddenly appeared in her hands once more. With a reddened face, Nora pulled Roel right up to her face and stared at him with eyes filled with embarrassment and anger.

“… You do know that some words can’t be taken back once spoken?”

“I have no intention of taking back my words… but why are the shackles still here?” Roel glanced at the shackles as he asked in confusion.

According to Artasia, the shackles should have automatically disappeared once Nora removed the angelic power from his body… but for some reason, the shackles seemed to glisten brighter than ever.

On the other hand, Nora looked as if she couldn’t understand why Roel was asking such an obvious question.

“I’m quite sure I told you that I haven’t forgiven you for trespassing into my heart with these shackles yet. Don’t you think that it’s only fitting for a sinner like you to remain shackled? Besides, these shackles serve as an important piece of evidence of your crimes.”

“Didn’t I already say that it’s a precaution in case things go awry? Haa, forget it. You’ll release the shackles once you dish out whatever punishment you have prepared, right?”

“Hm? What are you saying?”


Knowing how obstinate Nora could be, Roel was thinking of allowing her to do whatever she wanted to and be done with it, but her subsequent words astounded him. Nora fondly stroked the shackles on her wrist before looking at him with a beaming smile.

“Have you forgotten? These shackles are my birthday present. It’s the only one I received this year, and I’m terribly fond of it. As a noble, I trust that you would have enough common sense to not take back a present you have already given out.”


It suddenly dawned on Roel just how thoughtless his actions were. He was too engrossed with overcoming this crisis back then that he failed to consider the resulting consequences. As a result, he found himself unable to refute any of the points Nora had brought up.

“I-I mean, these shackles are yours to keep, but surely you don’t have to lock me with it, right? You could use it as a weapon…”

“Pardon me, but I don’t understand what you’re trying to get at here. Weren’t you the one who forcefully placed these shackles on us? By extension, don’t you think that it’s only right for me to interpret your action as an expression that the person connected at the other end of the shackles is part of my birthday present too?”


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It was such a rational argument that Roel found himself at a loss for words. Nora’s sapphire eyes curled in delight as she gently placed her hand on Roel’s cheek.

“This expression again. Are you trying to seduce me?”

“I didn’t do anything at all!” exclaimed Roel in frustration.

That did nothing to quell the predatory look in Nora’s eyes. Seeing that she was on the verge of pulling something off, he quickly grabbed her shoulder to calm her down.

“Say, don’t you know that there are many eyes watching us?”

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