Chapter 33: Oomph!
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Roel was currently standing on the Ascart House’s training field, swinging his sword down on wooden targets. A 9-year-old child wielding an edgeless metal practice sword against a resilient wooden target would have usually been a monotonous cycle of repeating the same movements again and again.

But something was different today.

Bam! Bam! Crack!

Swinging with all his might, Roel split open the wooden target in just three strikes. Even the practice sword had dented slightly under the sheer force of the blows. This was absolutely a show of superhuman strength.

It was impossible for an ordinary human to smash one of these wooden targets in just three strikes, especially when bludgeoning it with an edgeless blade.

“So this is Origin Level 6, the System’s tier E?”

Roel retracted his blade, feeling gratified. His body had undergone a massive change over the last few days, especially the mana in his body.

A week ago, Roel spent a great deal of money to purchase two serums from the System, only to be incapacitated for three whole days after consuming them. After he regained consciousness, Carter strictly instructed Roel to continue resting in bed, so as to ensure that his body recuperated properly. He even went to the extent of ordering Anna to keep a close eye on him.

Under Anna’s watchful gaze, Roel could only flop around in bed out of boredom for another three days before he was finally liberated. As such, this was the first time he was testing out his newfound strength.

During his three days of enforced rest, Roel felt the serums’ energy gradually being assimilated into his body, causing him to become more and more energetic with each passing day. Sometimes, he even found himself unable to sleep at night. His five senses grew much sharper, and his reflexes were faster than ever.

It was only this morning that Roel had a look at his User Interface and realized that his tier had risen to E. That was why he immediately rushed to the training field to try his hand.

His newfound strength was truly amazing. He felt that he could slice an unarmored enemy in half without much issue. Even if he had to face a mountain tiger right now, he didn’t think that he would necessarily lose.

While Roel was satisfied with his growth, he didn’t let complacency get to his head. The enhancement serum could only bring his constitution and talent as far as tier E. There was still a long way to go if he wanted to further raise his Degree of Assimilation to Origin Level 5.

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