Chapter 32: The Culprit… Is Me!
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 32: The Culprit… Is Me!

Roel had a terrible nightmare.

In it, he was kidnapped by massive ogres, who first put him in a shudderingly cold refrigerator before frying him in a blisteringly hot pan.

Perhaps it was because Roel’s skin was thicker than normal, such that the blisteringly hot pan didn’t manage to thoroughly cook him, he was placed back into the refrigerator once more before being thrown into the hot pan yet again. This alternating freeze-fry treatment continued for two torturous days, inflicting such great suffering that Roel’s consciousness had started fading near the end.

It was only much later, when a girl’s unbearable weeping gradually grew louder and louder in his ears, finally penetrating his stupor, that Roel regained consciousness. He slowly opened his heavy eyelids and saw an ornately designed ceiling above him.

“This place is…”

“Big brother Roel! You’re finally awake! Wuuuu—”

“Ali… cia?”

The young man struggled to turn his head, only to have a silver-haired girl pulling him in. Before he knew it, he was already in the embrace of a bawling Alicia. No matter how he tried to console her, she simply wouldn’t stop crying.

Meanwhile, Anna began shouting loudly upon noticing that Roel had awoken.

“Young master is awake!”

“That’s wonderful! I’ll inform the old master right now!”

The servants quickly relayed the news, and before long, anxious footsteps rapidly approached outside before a figure came bursting through the door. It was Carter.

Roel was astonished to see his father acting in such an undignified manner for the very first time. However, Carter paid it no heed as he began examining Roel from head to toe worriedly.

“Roel, you’re finally awake. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“I’m feeling fine, just a little tired.”

“That’s good, that’s good.”

Carter heaved a deep sigh as he nodded in relief.

While comforting the crying Alicia, Roel asked his father what was going on, only to be shocked to learn that he had actually slept for three whole days!

Or to be more accurate, he had been ill for three days now.

It was on t

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Translator Notes

Aka 'Hannin wa OMAEDA' (for those who watched Detective Conan)

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