Chapter 17: Digging My Grave
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Nora Xeclyde was born with a golden spoon in her mouth.

With the bloodline of the Xeclydes flowing in her veins, she was always in the spotlight no matter where she went. Even from a young age, she was already put through the most rigorous education available.

Great expectations were placed on her.

From her bloodline of the highest tier, one that would send any bloodline purist nobles into a frenzy, to her impeccable looks, which would not have been out of place in an art gallery, the young Nora was a person favored by the gods.

It felt as if she had been born with all of the gifts this world had to offer

The nobles of the royal court and the bishops of the church would often bump into her ‘coincidentally’, hoping to leave a good impression. Her peers, under the orders of their parents, desperately tried to flatter her, flooding her with a sea of praise.

Despite this, Nora, with her impeccable upbringing, had always been able to keep her poise and respond with grace and magnanimity. But, beneath this flawless facade, there was only one thing racing through her mind:

How boring.

Everything felt boring and hypocritical, and it nearly drove her mad at times.

How would it feel if everyone in the world had only one face to show you? Nora believed that none would have better credentials than herself to answer that.

As the days of boredom continued endlessly, Nora slowly realized a little quirk inside of her. Whenever a troubled look appeared on the face of a person before her, suddenly things weren’t so boring any longer.

She didn’t know yet that this was the awakening of a particularly disturbing nature; she simply thought that she was ill. However, in this world where mental illness was not considered an issue, she had no way of figuring out the cause.

It was only during times when her servants had done wrong and needed to be punished that she was finally able to release her true nature. That said, she wasn’t allowed to fully let loose either; those who possessed the Angel Bloodline were expected to be compassionate.

She felt stifled living such a life, constantly having to repress her nature. She sought a place where she could be true to herself.

The children of the noble houses who supported the Xeclyde House were useless to her in that regard. Due to the hierarchical difference, they tended to view Nora with rose-tinted glasses, such that the reverence and admiration they carried toward her were earnest.

Punish not those who are sinless; embrace those who embrace us so—that was the motto of the Xeclyde House.

Nora was not a person who would allow her selfish whims to get in the way of her principles, so she had no choice but to suppress her desires. She could only wait patiently for the day someone who wore a mask like her own would appear, someone whom she could expose her true self to without having to hold back.

And, she felt like she might have finally found that someone.

“I’m quite surprised, Roel. I didn’t expect you to be a liar.”

After discreetly sending Alicia away, Nora gracefully picked up her teacup and took a sip as the corners of her lips inched upward uncontrollably. Opposite her, Roel looked a little unnerved, fidgeting in his seat.

“Ha-Hahaha, Your Highness I believe that there might be some misunderstanding between the two of us…”

“Another lie, but it matters not. You may keep trying if you wish to; your desperation does amuse me a little.”

Nora assessed Roel with her gaze, seemingly admiring the black-haired boy sitting before her. The joy that came from the bottom of her heart made her already beautiful face look even more enchanting, but it just so happened that this was an expression that Roel was deeply familiar with.

It was the joyful look Nora would reveal whenever she caught sight of prey.

Shit! Why would this damned sadist set her eyes on me? What am I to do now?

Why can’t you just stay away from me? I don’t want to die just yet!

Roel, who was sweating profusely, quickly shut his mouth as he worked his mind desperately to figure out a countermeasure.

Nora, on the other hand, paid no heed to Roel’s lack of response and continued her monologue.

“Truth be told, your response did catch me off guard. Putting other things aside, I am still rather confident in my looks. I didn’t think that you would deny that too. I admit that your little sister, Alicia, is quite a ravishing lady, but I didn’t think that I would lose to her in a battle of charm. Why do you seem so guarded against me? Or could it be that…”

Nora leaned forward and looked intently at the nervous Roel.

“… you know of my true nature?”


The instant that Roel heard those words, he almost thought that he heard a chess piece landing on a chessboard, accompanied by a shout of ‘Checkmate!’. His body stiffened with anxiety.

Against Nora, who had a lie detector in her arsenal, Roel only had three options: Admit to it openly, admit to it silently, or deny it and be corrected by the lie detector.

Son of a banshee! Are these even options?!

Realizing that he had been cornered, the exasperated Roel finally came to the limits of his endurance and decided to come clean.

“Yes, that’s right. So, can you just stay away from me?”

Roel couldn’t be bothered to keep up with the act anymore, so he wiped away his polite smile and leaned backward casually, speaking with a cold attitude.

Fine, I don’t care anymore! Might as well go all out!

“I have no interest in you or your Xeclyde House. I don’t intend to have close relations with you, and you can be assured that I won’t attempt a revolt like a fool either. So, can you just let me off?

Roel revealed his own thoughts in a straightforward manner.

While the Ascart House was not on the same level as the royal family, it was still one of the top noble houses in Saint Mesit Theocracy. It could at least afford to wage a verbal war against a member of royalty!

After all, despite the lord and vassal relationship that existed between the two, the Ascart House still had its own independent army.

I won’t join you, but I also won’t turn against you. Surely, that should be enough to satisfy you, right?

Roel was basically proclaiming his desire to maintain a neutral stance, and it was usually one of the safer moves to make in politics. Little did he know though, Nora’s attention was still focused on something else that he had said.

“You have no interest in me? Don’t you… think that I’m weird?”

“What are you getting at?” Roel replied with a frown.

Nora pondered for a moment before elaborating a little hesitantly, “You should already know about it; that I enjoy seeing others in a troubled position and begging for mercy. Sometimes, I get urges to step on them too… Don’t you think that I’m weird to have such a side to me?”

Nora awkwardly revealed the darkest depths of her young mind, and it could be seen just how much of a dilemma she had been in over this matter.

However, Roel, after listening to her words carefully, started laughing.

Heh, if you think that just this much if weird, you’re really looking down on yourself!

Collars, chains, whips… Heh, there’s plenty more that you haven’t awakened to yet!

Knowing what the future Nora would be like, Roel was exploding with retorts for her. However, since he was the one looking for a concession from her, he had no choice but to mellow his words a little.

“That’s nothing at all; you’re still too young. There are plenty of people like you out there in the world, especially amongst the nobles. This little perverse side of yours right now isn’t even worth mentioning at all.”

“I-is that true?”

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“Of course!”

Having lived in the digital age, where information on anything was never lacking, Roel was able to respond with great confidence.

“You don’t know just how horrifying humans can become when they really go all out. There are even monsters who feast on human flesh! Compared to them, you’re like a pebble before a mountain!”

“I-I see…”

Somehow, it sounded exceptionally convincing when those words came from Roel. Having finally been released from her burden, she heaved a deep sigh of relief.

Roel, who was oblivious to the fact that he had managed to counsel the young Nora out of the dilemma she was facing, was still ranting on about all sorts of weird fetishes he had encountered in his previous world, such as necrophilia and more. Through his words, the closed-off Nora seemed to have opened the doors to a brand new world.

“… So, what you’re facing is nothing at all. As long as you get the consent of the other party and don’t bother those around you, it’ll all be good.”

“I get it now.”

After listening to the long monologue from Roel, Nora nodded deeply as a glimmer of light sparkled inside her sapphire eyes.

“But it would still be best not to let this matter get out, right? How am I to find anyone who will indulge me?”

“Do you even need to ask?” Roel glared at the young girl before him disdainfully, as if mocking her lack of wit.

“You are a member of the Xeclyde House, the future successor of the throne! There are plenty of people willing to be treated like a dog by you! If you were to put them in a line, the queue would stretch from one end of the Holy Capital to the other! What are you worrying about? Anyone you ask would be honored to take on the role!”

“Do you mean it? Would he really think of it that way?”

“Of course! Trust me, no one will be able to reject you!”

Roel waved his hand grandly as he gave his reassurance.

“Since that’s the case, Mister Roel… I think that you’re a good choice.”

Nora rose to her feet and strutted up to Roel, carrying an air of fragrance. A foot stamped down on the chair between Roel’s thighs as she leaned in and grabbed him by the collar. She spoke with an assertive tone, which oddly paired well with the slight blush on her cheeks.

“Become mine.”

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