Chapter 17: Digging My Grave
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Nora Xeclyde was born with a golden spoon in her mouth.

With the bloodline of the Xeclydes flowing in her veins, she was always in the spotlight no matter where she went. Even from a young age, she was already put through the most rigorous education available.

Great expectations were placed on her.

From her bloodline of the highest tier, one that would send any bloodline purist nobles into a frenzy, to her impeccable looks, which would not have been out of place in an art gallery, the young Nora was a person favored by the gods.

It felt as if she had been born with all of the gifts this world had to offer

The nobles of the royal court and the bishops of the church would often bump into her ‘coincidentally’, hoping to leave a good impression. Her peers, under the orders of their parents, desperately tried to flatter her, flooding her with a sea of praise.

Despite this, Nora, with her impeccable upbringing, had always been able to keep her poise and respond with grace and magnanimity. But, beneath this flawless facade, there was only one thing racing through her mind:

How boring.

Everything felt boring and hypocritical, and it nearly drove her mad at times.

How would it feel if everyone in the world had only one face to show you? Nora believed that none would have better credentials than herself to answer that.

As the days of boredom continued endlessly, Nora slowly realized a little quirk inside of her. Whenever a troubled look appeared on the face of a person before her, suddenly things weren’t so boring any longer.

She didn’t know yet that this was the awakening of a particularly disturbing nature; she simply thought that she was ill. However, in this world where mental illness was not considered an issue, she had no way of figuring out the cause.

It was only during times when her servants had done wrong and needed to be punished that she was finally able to release her true nature. That said, she wasn’t allowed to fully let loose either; those who possessed the Angel Bloodline were expected to be compassionate.

She felt stifled living such a life, constantly having to repress her nature. She sought a place where she could be true to herself.

The children of the noble houses who supported the Xeclyde House were useless to her in that regard. Due to the hierarchical difference, they tended to view Nora with rose-tinted glasses, such that the reverence and admiration they carried toward her were earnest.

Punish not those who are sinless; embrace those who embrace us so—that was the motto of the Xeclyde House.

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