Chapter 15: Angel Bloodline
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The rumbling of a carriage could be heard from beyond the door. Faces still red, Roel and Alicia quickly pulled themselves together, and the excited Anna reined her emotions in. The romantic mood that had built up popped like a bubble, replaced by solemnity.

Roel spied outside the door with narrowed eyes and saw an exquisite noble carriage slowly pulling into the courtyard.

Clip clop clip clop!

The rhythmic clattering of hooves echoed crisply, and the sound was surprisingly calming in this tense atmosphere. The appearance of the white steed, however, made Roel’s pupils contract a little.

Frostwing Horse, the hybrid between the mystical pegasus and unicorn. It was a beast of noble birth, and there were very few of them in this world. It was usually impossible to see them outside of the Holy Capital—and most people wouldn’t really think of rearing one either.

Frostwing Horses had exceptional specs, far surpassing that of other steeds, but its temper was terrible due to its noble blood.

Pegasii were beings of legend, known to be the steed of angels; whereas unicorns were licentious bastards who only allowed the purest of maidens to ride upon them. Legends spoke that the Frostwing Horses had once pledged their allegiance to the High Elves under one unbelievably shameless condition, ‘Fulfill all of our demands.’

That’s right. They wanted everything!

They demanded those with the bloodline of angels; they demanded the purest of maidens; there was no end to their demands!

They prided themselves on possessing the bloodline of two mythical creatures, but the truth was that they matched neither the pegasus nor the unicorn. While it might be possible for them to awaken both bloodlines to their purest form, becoming the greatest steed in the world with the powers of both mythical creatures combined, but that existed only in theory. To date, no one has ever seen such a formidable Frostwing Horse.

That being said, there weren’t many houses that could afford to use them as carriage horses; or to be more exact, there was only one h

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