Chapter 11: My Friend, You’re So Green
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 11: My Friend, You’re So Green

“Milord, thank you for your compassion. May the blessings of Sia be with you!”

Outside the Fief Lord’s Gristmill, Old Kent loaded his flour onto his carriage before bowing deeply in gratitude to Roel. Behind him was a huge queue of farmers, who were looking at him in envy.

Old Kent was quite lucky today. It was already time for the taxation official to get off work when it finally got to his turn in the queue, but the generous and compassionate young master Roel noticed how he had laboriously toiled a huge cart of wheat over and had waited under the glaring sun for long hours, so he made a special exception and extended the operations by half an hour. Due to this stroke of fortune, Old Kent managed to pay his taxes today.

One must know that Roel was a traveling tax official, which meant that there was no saying when they would be able to see him once more. Naturally, Old Kent was more than overjoyed with this turn of events, and the others were deeply envious of his luck too.

“It isn’t anything much. I’m just getting off work a little later than usual. Make sure to prepare well for the onset of winter with the harvest you have made,” Roel said with a warm smile as he gazed upon the green light glowing above Old Kent’s head.

Those words only made Old Kent feel even more moved, to the point that his head was glowing as green as a grass field.

Seeing this sight, the smile on the face of the ‘compassionate’ Roel grew even brighter. In his mind, he gave himself a huge round of applause for having come up with such a brilliant plan.

Kindness did play a part behind Roel’s decision to extend operational hours and handle Old Kent’s taxes, but what played a larger role behind that decision was the fact that Old Kent generated the most Affection Points for him during the earlier farmland marathon race, an astonishing 150 points!

Roel was deeply shocked when he saw it.

What marvelous harvest this is, glowing with such beautiful viridescent color! Even I’d feel bad if I were to turn down such a huge gift!

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So, when Roel found that the person next in line was Old Kent, he decided to stay on for one last grand harvest. As could be seen from the overwhelming evidence, he had made the right decision. Old Kent had given him 300 Affection Points in one shot, rivaling the sum of three farmers!

“Young master, it’s getting late.”

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