Chapter 1: What a Darned Sweet Death Flag I Have
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 1: What a Darned Sweet Death Flag I Have

“Her name is Alicia. She’ll be your little sister from now on, Roel.”

In a lavishly decorated room stood a handsome yet frail-looking middle-aged man. He held onto the hand of a silver-haired girl as he introduced her to a well-dressed, black-haired boy standing before him.

The middle-aged man was known as Carter Ascart, a marquess of the Saint Mesit Theocracy. Aside from serving as the Chief Magician of the Holy Knight Order, he was the patriarch of the illustrious Ascart House too. He was also the father of Roel Ascart, the stunned 10-year-old boy standing before him at this very instant.

Roel Ascart was the sole son of this noble house. He had dignified facial features and a head of slightly long black hair. Standing at just under 1.5 meters tall, he was considered to be on the shorter end amongst the nobles of this country. His skinny physique also revealed his lack of physical training. However, the noble education that he had undergone from a young age gave him a composed and quiet disposition, which gave most people a fairly good first impression of him.

This, however, was nothing but an empty facade.

In truth, Roel was infamous as a little tyrant. Young as he was, he had a long list of misdeeds to his name. Even the servants of the marquess’ house would pale whenever his name was mentioned.

And it was such a little tyrant who was currently staring at the little girl who was soon about to become his adopted sister. The golden eyes that he had inherited from his mother had narrowed tightly, and his complexion looked awful. His body was as stiff as the sculpture standing tall above the water fountain in his family’s garden.

“Roel, what are you doing? You’re scaring her!”

Noticing Alicia cowering behind him with a frightened expression under the pressure from Roel’s intense gaze, the middle-aged man howled at his troublemaker of a son.

Your looks are your only redeeming feature, and even they’re ruined when you act like an arrogant little villain!

Do you have to behave in such a manner?

I know that Alicia is beautiful, but you’re the son of a marquess. Where in the Sia’s name have the manners your etiquette teacher taught you gone to?

Carter Ascart was clearly embarrassed by his son’s behavior. He raised his hand with an intent to give his son a whopping, but then the image of his deceased wife flashed across his mind. After a short moment of hesitation, he eventually put down his hand with a deep sigh.

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