Chapter 89 - A Cat’s Pet
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 89 - A Cat’s Pet

The cat girl looked at Li Qingshan as well. “What kind of daemeown are you? How strange!”

Xiao An leapt up; he arrived behind the cat girl and sprayed out his Blood Flames of Corpse Incineration. The white crescent moon imprint on the cat girl’s forehead unleashed a streak of light and nullified the flames. “And what kind of daemeown are you?”

The cat girl grabbed Li Qingshan’s tail with both hands. Using herself as a pivot, she swung Li Qingshan into Xiao An before throwing both of them.

Together with Xiao An, Li Qingshan smashed towards a rock face. Li Qingshan adjusted his posture and kicked off the rocks, landing safely with Xiao An. His perfect dream vanished completely as he gazed at the cat girl cautiously.

She was very powerful, at least as powerful as that Scarlet Hawk commander Wang Pushi! Thinking of Wang Pushi, he thought of Gu Yanying again.

Don’t tell me the cat she’s searching for is this! What kind of pet is this? It’s clearly an extremely terrifying cat daemon!

The cat girl did not keep attacking, as if she was not mad over being peeked on by Li Qingshan. Her jade-green eyes flickered as she said with pure curiosity, “Both of you are so strange!”

Li Qingshan said calmly, “What’s strange?”

The cat girl said, “You also have a human form, so you should have undergone a heavenly tribulation already, yet you’re so weak! How strange! I’ve never heard of a skeleton that can spit out fire either! How strange!” Although Li Qingshan had daemonified, which made his voice louder, his body and appearance were still roughly humanoid.

Li Qingshan shook off the dust and soil on him. “We’re just passing by, so please continue!” Without any hesitation, he turned around and left! He was rather reluctant, considering how something so moe that could only exist in his imagination had appeared right in front of him, but with his great wisdom and willpower, he immediately destroyed his heart as a nerd and made up his mind. He could not afford to be involved with this cat daemon. It was something he could not deal with just yet.

However, he learned very soon just how terrifying a cat that had its interest piqued, and a cat daemon at that, was.

“Stop! You’ve watched me bathe, yet you still want to run?” The cat girl hissed.

Li Qingshan ran immediately. He ran very quickly, sprinting away at full speed. However, he forgot about a certain warning. When he came across wild beasts, he was supposed to stop, or he would definitely be chased.

The forest receded rapidly as a blur. Li Qingshan did not dare to stop at all. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a bell by his ear. He turned his head, and all he saw was the cat girl running steadily by his side. A bell jingled on her waist.

Meowhahaha, why don’t you keep running?”

Since he could not outrun her, there was no point in running anymore. Li Qingshan came to a screeching halt and asked calmly, “What do you want to do?”

The cat girl stopped as well. Her jade-green eyes swiveled around as if she were coming up with an idea. She circled around Li Qingshan. “Why don’t you be meowy pet!” She smiled from ear to ear in an extremely complacent manner.

“What?” Li Qingshan doubted his ears. Was she sick of being a pet and wanted a pet instead now?

“Big Blacko, how does that sound?” The cat girl leapt gently and landed on Li Qingshan’s head. She grabbed one of his horns and rubbed Xiao An’s head. “And you can be Li’l Whitey!” She moved extremely quickly, leaving behind a string of blurs. Her thoughts changed extremely rapidly as well.

Li Qingshan said, “Don’t you even think about it!” As a proud transmigrator, he would be embarrassing all transmigrators in the world if he were to become a pet, and a pet’s pet at that.

The weight on his head suddenly increased. The cat girl’s light body suddenly became as heavy as a mountain. Li Qingshan was pressed into kneeling on one knee, lowering his head.

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“Big Blacko, I’m not negotiating with you.” The cat girl continued, “If you agree, you will receive countless benefits. I won’t treat you badly, but if you don’t agree, hehe, I don’t mind seeing how you taste.”

That alone demonstrated all of the ferocity and nature of daemons. She definitely was not as cute as she seemed on the surface.

Li Qingshan bared his fangs in a sneer. “What benefits? Cat food?” Before he could finish talking, a glowing pill fell into his mouth before being converted into surging spiritual qi in an instant. It filled his entire body to the point of almost exuding out.

Even with his body as a daemon that was countless times more powerful than before, he actually felt like he was unable to contain all of the spiritual qi. Li Qingshan used the mental cultivation method of the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression in a hurry, absorbing the spiritual qi and making gradual progress with the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression. All of a sudden, he had shot through a portion of it. The spiritual medicine was so powerful than it was even several times stronger than the spiritual alcohol steeped from the spiritual ginseng.

“Did you steal all of these from your master?”

“What? I would never steal meowster’s things. These were all given to meow by meowster. I still have a lot more. What, are you interested?”

Li Qingshan finally understood how the rich could be so wealthy to the point where they were wasteful. He wondered who the Dark Queen was, as she even used these spiritual pills to feed her pet. She was basically as wasteful as people could get. However, if he really did have the support of such spiritual medicine, he would definitely be able to succeed with the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression very quickly and regain his human form. Then he could return to the world of humans.

It had to be mentioned that with reward and force combined, just like a carrot on a stick, it had quite the effect on no matter who used it and no matter who it was used on. Most importantly, he did not have the right to choose at all.

Li Qingshan said, “What do you want me to do?”

The cat girl did a backflip and landed gently in front of Li Qingshan. “That’s meowre like it. You’re meow pet, so of course you’ll do whatever I want you to do. Right now, I want you to take me away from the Green province!”

For a frog in a well who had never even left the surrounding regions of Qingyang city since birth, Li Qingshan was immediately stunned by this great ambition. “Where do you want to go?”

“To the Dragon province!”

“How do we go there?” Li Qingshan was rather perplexed. And where is the Dragon province?

“You don’t even know this? Follow the Boundless Meowntains all the way north. You’ll just need to cross around a few thousand meowntains.” The cat girl gazed into the distance, and her gaze suddenly became extremely distant. Her tender, cute face now possessed a romantic and weathered expression that only travellers had.

She was no longer anybody’s pet. She was as free as the wind.

Li Qingshan actually felt shocked. He took in a deep breath. “But you’re pointing south.”

“Shut up. Your meowster knows!” The cat girl became furious from shame, leaping up and kicking him.

Li Qingshan raised his arm to block, but it still ended up stinging. After a moment of consideration, he looked at the cat girl. “I can help you reach the Dragon province. You only need to pay me back with spiritual pills.” Although he was rather worried about Gu Yanying’s search, he currently had no room to decline at all. He could only attempt to benefit from the situation.

“Of course I’ll feed you. Oh right, what does Little Whitey eat?” The cat girl behaved like his master, acting like there was nothing wrong with it at all. Then she studied Xiao An with a strange gaze as if she were trying to guess what a skeleton would eat.

Feed? Li Qingshan decided to not haggle over these small details. “Oh right, and I’m not your servant.”

“You’re not meowy servant. You’re meowy pet!” The cat girl rubbed Li Qingshan’s cheek with a smile.

Li Qingshan’s body froze up. He breathed in deeply. “Anyway, that’ll be the deal between us. What’s your name?”

“My name is Xuanyue. You can call me meowster in the future!” Xuanyue placed her hand on her rather flat chest and made a self-introduction proudly. For some reason, Xiao An suddenly shuddered when he heard that name. The flames in his eye sockets wavered as his mind surged.

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