Chapter 89 - A Cat’s Pet
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 89 - A Cat’s Pet

The cat girl looked at Li Qingshan as well. “What kind of daemeown are you? How strange!”

Xiao An leapt up; he arrived behind the cat girl and sprayed out his Blood Flames of Corpse Incineration. The white crescent moon imprint on the cat girl’s forehead unleashed a streak of light and nullified the flames. “And what kind of daemeown are you?”

The cat girl grabbed Li Qingshan’s tail with both hands. Using herself as a pivot, she swung Li Qingshan into Xiao An before throwing both of them.

Together with Xiao An, Li Qingshan smashed towards a rock face. Li Qingshan adjusted his posture and kicked off the rocks, landing safely with Xiao An. His perfect dream vanished completely as he gazed at the cat girl cautiously.

She was very powerful, at least as powerful as that Scarlet Hawk commander Wang Pushi! Thinking of Wang Pushi, he thought of Gu Yanying again.

Don’t tell me the cat she’s searching for is this! What kind of pet is this? It’s clearly an extremely terrifying cat daemon!

The cat girl did not keep attacking, as if she was not mad over being peeked on by Li Qingshan. Her jade-green eyes flickered as she said with pure curiosity, “Both of you are so strange!”

Li Qingshan said calmly, “What’s strange?”

The cat girl said, “You also have a human form, so you should have undergone a heavenly tribulation already, yet you’re so weak! How strange! I’ve never heard of a skeleton that can spit out fire either! How strange!” Although Li Qingshan had daemonified, which made his voice louder, his body and appearance were still roughly humanoid.

Li Qingshan shook off the dust and soil on him. “We’re just passing by, so please continue!” Without any hesitation, he turned around and left! He was rather reluctant, considering how something so moe that could only exist in his imagination had appeared right in front of him, but with his great wisdom and willpower, he immediately destroyed his heart as a nerd and made up his mind. He could not afford to be involved with this cat daemon. It was something he could not deal with jus

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