Chapter 88 - The Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 88 - The Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression

Li Qingshan could not help but sigh in amazement. Now, regular first-rate masters would never be his opponent. He truly was progressing rapidly with no bottlenecks. As long as he had sufficient time and sacrifices, who knows just how powerful he could become.

The blood flames incinerated all of the corpses, circled through the air, and returned to Xiao An’s mouth. The flames in his eye sockets became even brighter. It was as if the blood flames had absorbed all the blood and vitality of these people.

After dealing with everything, Li Qingshan called Xiao An, and he leapt onto his shoulder. The two of them disappeared into the mountains.

Li Qingshan rushed through the forest. The tall trees now seemed so short and small. Sometimes when he came across fallen logs blocking his way, he would not even try to go around it. He would directly smash through it, reducing the dead wood to splinters and forcefully carving out a path through the forest.

His strength and speed were not the only things that had changed. His five senses had never been so sharp before either. Everything in the forest was so clear and vibrant. Even though it was the middle of winter, it was still a touching colour.

All sounds became so clear. He could even hear the breathing of a wild rabbit deep below the snow and soil. The world was filled with life.

He felt like a caveman who had returned to ancient times, celebrating all of nature. It was like the sweetness of nectar had filled his heart. It seemed like this was the world, the wonderland, that belonged to him,

When his body changed, his mind seemed to change as well. He suddenly felt like being trapped and embraced by the forests and mountains was not necessarily a bad thing.

However, when he looked at Xiao An on his shoulder, he immediately recovered his mental clarity. He still had many promises to complete. Li Qingshan had to help Xiao An regain his human form and send him home.

Xiao An also looked back at Li Qingshan in confusion.

Li Qingshan smiled, thanking him inside.

After the black ox t

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