Chapter 88 - The Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 88 - The Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression

Li Qingshan could not help but sigh in amazement. Now, regular first-rate masters would never be his opponent. He truly was progressing rapidly with no bottlenecks. As long as he had sufficient time and sacrifices, who knows just how powerful he could become.

The blood flames incinerated all of the corpses, circled through the air, and returned to Xiao An’s mouth. The flames in his eye sockets became even brighter. It was as if the blood flames had absorbed all the blood and vitality of these people.

After dealing with everything, Li Qingshan called Xiao An, and he leapt onto his shoulder. The two of them disappeared into the mountains.

Li Qingshan rushed through the forest. The tall trees now seemed so short and small. Sometimes when he came across fallen logs blocking his way, he would not even try to go around it. He would directly smash through it, reducing the dead wood to splinters and forcefully carving out a path through the forest.

His strength and speed were not the only things that had changed. His five senses had never been so sharp before either. Everything in the forest was so clear and vibrant. Even though it was the middle of winter, it was still a touching colour.

All sounds became so clear. He could even hear the breathing of a wild rabbit deep below the snow and soil. The world was filled with life.

He felt like a caveman who had returned to ancient times, celebrating all of nature. It was like the sweetness of nectar had filled his heart. It seemed like this was the world, the wonderland, that belonged to him,

When his body changed, his mind seemed to change as well. He suddenly felt like being trapped and embraced by the forests and mountains was not necessarily a bad thing.

However, when he looked at Xiao An on his shoulder, he immediately recovered his mental clarity. He still had many promises to complete. Li Qingshan had to help Xiao An regain his human form and send him home.

Xiao An also looked back at Li Qingshan in confusion.

Li Qingshan smiled, thanking him inside.

After the black ox taught Li Qingshan a new ability, he vanished once more.

Li Qingshan travelled without stopping, but he silently comprehended the mysteries of the ability inside.

The name of the second ability was the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression, but it was exactly the opposite to the Strength of Nine Oxen and Two Tigers. It was an ability that purely focused on practising qi. It also had nine layers, and as long as he achieved the first layer, he would be able to return to human form and hide his daemon qi, allowing him to return to the human world.

This ability just happened to demand Li Qingshan to possess a certain foundation of daemon qi before he could practise it. It gave him a feeling that the abilities the black ox taught him were layered atop one another and interlinked. Every step had already been calculated, laying down a foundation for the future.

He did not know what the black ox’s objective was, but it did not seem like he had any ill motives. This did not originate from only his trust in it, but also because he understood his own insignificance. There was probably nothing worth the black ox developing any ill motives over.

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As soon as Li Qingshan comprehended something regarding the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression, he would stop and meditate. The chaotic daemon qi gradually withdrew, circulating along a certain pattern. Even his restless sea of consciousness seemed to calm down during the cultivation process, which differed significantly from the wild and savage nature amplified when he practised the ox demon and tiger demon’s fists.

Suddenly, he understood something. The various abilities influenced his mind. The Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression was for nullifying the effects of the ox demon and tiger demon.

The spirit turtle was a divine beast among the legends. Its four feet were as colossal as pillars that could hold up the sky; they were like four stabilising poles, able to calm the waves of the oceans, subduing the billows. Although spirit turtles possessed tremendous power, they had extremely gentle natures. Just like old, meditating monks, they were extremely patient and never tried to attract attention.

As long as he reached the first layer, he could withdraw his aura like spirit turtles, concealing his daemon qi and suppressing the ox demon and tiger demon. That way, he could become a human again. However, speed with practising this ability was just like a spirit turtle’s nature. Progress was extremely slow. He estimated that if he wanted to reach the first layer with the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression, he would be working with years at the very least. Even a conservative estimate would be around a decade. It was even possible for him to take up to two or three decades.

Although it was much faster than undergoing the heavenly tribulation and becoming a Daemon General, it was still depressing. However, what could he do? The cultivation of daemons would always be calculated using centuries. If you had not even been cultivating for a few hundred years, it would even be awkward to meet people. Given his current circumstances, all he could do was prepare for a long battle.

Water crashed thunderously. Li Qingshan and Xiao An returned to where they cultivated last time, standing before the huge waterfall that fell several dozen meters. He planned on cultivating here quietly for some time. Since it was called the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression, he obviously needed water.

Li Qingshan’s ear twitched. He could vaguely hear singing.

He squinted his eyes. Through the white mist, there seemed to be the charming silhouette of a woman with her back to him. It seemed like she was bathing.

Will I have a romantic encounter like this as well?

As soon as Li Qingshan thought of that, he felt extremely strange. The waterfall was so loud. Even if regular people yelled at the top of their lungs, their voices would be drowned out by the crashing, yet the singing was just like a needle, piercing through all the noise with great clarity.

The force of the waterfall was so tremendous that even he could not directly stand below it in the past, yet the smaller figure moved through it easily as if she were showering. Her feminine stature faded in and out within the mist. It was quite the sight.

Li Qingshan was never about resisting temptations. He had to take a proper look since something so strange had presented itself to him. However, it would guarantee he would not have that great of a romantic encounter. He took a single step forward.

The singing suddenly stopped, and the young lady looked back, revealing a pair of jade-green pupils. She vanished into the waterfall.

Li Qingshan experienced an ill omen. He leapt forward recklessly, and only then did he feel a swift breeze behind him, along with a few stabbing pains on his back. His impenetrable skin had actually been sliced through.

Just as he was mid-air, about to fly into the waterfall, a slender hand grabbed his tiger’s tail and yanked hard. “Come back!”

Li Qingshan’s colossal figure was wrenched back. As it seemed, there were also times when additional functions were a bad thing.

Looking back and seeing the person clearly, he could not help but blank out even with his willpower. The person that had grabbed his tail and pulled him back was actually a young lady, around fourteen or fifteen years of age, dressed in green clothes. She was now dressed, but with her large, startlingly green eyes, there was no doubt that she was the bathing lady from earlier.

He was not taken aback by her age or strength. Instead, there was an actual pair of cat ears on her head. A black, cat’s tail danced around behind her.

At that moment, his spirit as a nerd that had fallen silent for all these years actually broke through its seal, about to awaken once more. If he met this ‘thing’ as soon as he had transmigrated into this world, he probably would not have turned out like this.

If the feeling that Gu Yanying gave him could be described as dream-like beauty, then she was dream-like cuteness.

Li Qingshan looked at her and felt that he had fallen in love at first sight once more. There sure were a lot of wonderful things in this world! However, he snapped back to his senses immediately. A daemon that could assume a human form was a Daemon General at the very least. Compared to being carried away by his desires and fantasies, he should consider for his own measly life first!

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