Chapter 87 - Blood Flames of Corpse Incineration
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 87 - Blood Flames of Corpse Incineration

Against daemons and demons, the first thing that regular cultivators would think of would be purging them. Gu Yanying definitely possessed the strength to do that as well. Although Li Qingshan’s strength and speed had been greatly amplified after daemonifying, he was still not the opponent of a Golden Core master.

But right now, she showed no killing intent at all. She even lost her usual, carefree smile, now possessing a tinge of sorrow. Under the illumination of the moon, she seemed like a jade sculpture.

Then she discarded these emotions, sighed gently, and smiled freely.

“Little bro Qingshan, from today onwards, only the mountains and forests will be your home. We probably won’t meet ever again unless you cultivate to Daemon General or even Daemon Commander. However, once that happens, we’ll probably be enemies. Take care!”

She muttered to herself and even clasped her hands, completely ignoring the fact that Li Qingshan could not hear or see her at all. Lifting her arms, her sleeves fluttered as she flew off like a white hawk. Only when she reached over five kilometers away did the gust of wind she create form a canal in the sea of clouds.

The white hawk landed on the edge of the well and saw what she wanted to see. A special frog added an amusing story to her life.

However, no matter how amusing it was, a frog was still a frog. At most, it would just become slightly more powerful. There were matters that outweighed this completely waiting for her to complete. If she could not find that damned cat, a battle between the two great sects of the Green province, the Sword Collection palace and the Umbral Yin sect, would likely erupt. A great fire would burn through the back courtyard of the provincial lord as well.

However, what she failed to sense was that as she observed Li Qingshan, a black ox gazed at her through the darkness on the ground. This was something utterly inconceivable to a Golden Core master. Her spiritual senses were so sharp, and she knew some techniques for divination as well.

However, if she rea

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