Chapter 86 - A Daemon’s Awakening
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 86 - A Daemon’s Awakening

But now, the dead were dead, and the crippled were crippled. They could no longer oppose Feng Zhang. At the same time, they were afraid that Feng Zhang would turn against them mercilessly.

Xiao An did not flee. He knelt on the ground. Currently, all of his bones were riddled with cracks. Looking at the sea of fire, two streaks of bloody tears ran down from his eye sockets. He opened his mouth, but not a single sound was emitted. However, everyone could sense that he was sobbing.

Feng Zhang turned around as a sunken smile stretched from ear to ear. “At the end of the day, it looks like I still need to do it personally!”

His smile suddenly froze. A terrifying feeling appeared from behind him, as if a terrifying beast was awakening in the fire.

A wild roar pierced the sky.

It was not a sound a human could make. Feng Zhang turned around and saw a black figure rise up from the fire, shaking off the flames. It was ten feet tall with a pair of horns that stabbed towards the sky.

Two specks of red light suddenly lit up!

Li Qingshan laid in the fire without moving at all. Before the danger of death, things went as he anticipated. His Tiger Demon’s Fist of Bone Forging had finally broken through to the first layer!

There was not a surge of strength like he had imagined. He felt his body undergo an extremely strange transformation. Everything ripped apart, transformed and remoulded. The flames gradually stopped being as scorching and discomforting as before, but he was still afraid of opening his eyes.

The words of the black ox rang through his ears once more. Only when you reach the first layer with both fist styles will you truly be regarded as having learnt this ability.

Although his eyes were firmly shut, he seemed to be able to feel the small skeleton rush over through the flames. He seemed to be able to hear his sobs.

Xiao An!

An indescribable feeling rose up in his heart, turning into a roar at the sky.

Li Qingshan stood up in the fire and snapped open his eyes. The shining red light was no longer hidden in the depths

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