Chapter 82 - Sheltering from the Snow and Wind in a Mountain God Temple (One)
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 82 - Sheltering from the Snow and Wind in a Mountain God Temple (One)

Li Qingshan grabbed the Cursive Sword Calligraphy on his back. After drinking the Bodhi Brew, not only was his true qi filled to the brim, but his condition was even better than it had ever been before. As such, it was enough for him to power the spiritual artifact again. It would definitely be much sharper than the Wind-entwining blade.

However, he did not have complete confidence in being able to kill Feng Zhang with a single strike. His spiritual artifact was probably several grades higher than the Wind-entwining blade, making it a real treasure. If he failed to kill his enemy, news would spread, and he would probably attract people greater than just first-rate masters. There would be innate masters as well, or rather, Qi Practitioners.

And, he was still unable to control this spiritual artifact very well. Once he used it, it would drain all of his true qi, so if he failed, both his physical strength and speed would decline significantly. He would basically become a sitting duck.

The dark clouds shrouded the sky once more. In the pitch-black night, a person fled as another pursued. Li Qingshan used his extraordinary sight to constantly bound through the mountains, purposefully looking for rugged terrain. He climbed up cliffs and leapt over valleys. His surroundings constantly receded around him.

Feng Zhang chased him wildly with eyes red from rage as if he could also see through the night, but his vision was nowhere near as great as Li Qingshan’s. After all, Li Qingshan’s eyes had been awakened by the black ox’s tears. If they were on flat ground, perhaps Feng Zhang would have been able to catch up.

Unfortunately, they were in the mountains. The effects of Li Qingshan’s three forms of movement from the Tiger Demon’s Fist of Bone Forging were basically amplified, making him unbelievably fast. And, with the rise and fall of the terrain, Feng Zhang could no longer locate Li Qingshan anymore after a few twists and turns.

Li Qingshan widened the distance between them. Like a hunting tiger, he hid in a snowy crevice b

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